Black Panther 2: Letitia Wright’s injuries are more serious than expected

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever it keeps getting complicated. After wounds from Letitia wright During the filming of an action sequence, the production tried to continue filming but for a few weeks there has been speculation about the actress’s refusal to get vaccinated, an aspect that would have generated tension in the filming and that would be especially uncomfortable for Marvel Studios and Disney. Wright, who embody Shuri once again, I would have suffered a more serious accident than originally stated and he will still be recovering from his injuries.

The accident was very serious and Wright fractured his shoulder

SlashFilm media has distributed a letter from the producers of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, Louis DEsposito and Nate Moore, what will there be tried to explain to the members of the film the situation of the filmingHey, Letitia Wright’s health status. Now we know that the actress has suffered a critical shoulder fracture and a bruise with serious side effects, something that has led to the stoppage of filming during two months. “As we prepare for the holidays, we want to send a thank you note for the hard work of our team, as well as an update of the calendar” of the film, “explains the letter, which aims to help clarify things.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Shuri

Marvel has confirmed, in an internal letter, that Letitia Wright’s injuries need a greater recovery

“Above all, this project is exceptional and we know that the public is looking forward to seeing it. We couldn’t be more excited to finish this movie. and share it with the world next year, “they add, while affirming that Shuri, as a character and protagonist, is vital in the filming. They cannot advance further in the filming, they need the actress to recover.”We know how much she loves this role, how hard it has been for her to be away, and how hard you are working to recover as quickly as you can. We look forward to his return and we know that we will all come back stronger together “, add the producers. Finally, and in relation to sanitary measures, they simply conclude with a “making a production of this scale in the middle of a pandemic is not an easy task”. On the rumors regarding his non-vaccination, arising from a series of articles insider from The Hollywood Reporter, nothing has been officially commented.

Right now, Wakanda Forever is expected on November 11, 2022.

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