BLADE reveals another face of love in Shakira

Blade makes the heartbeat speak again with his new single “Shakira”, available on radio and digital platforms.


He declared himself to the world with his debut EP “Sopra le folle” to then wrap it with his “Proiettile” armor of rhymes and flows against judgment and fear, and now, 4 months after the previous release, Blade make the heartbeat speak again in “Shakira“, his new single.

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A name, the promise of a young and brilliant Milanese rapper adopted by Crema who, like the blade from which he took his pseudonym, cuts through barriers, clichés and status symbols with truth and audacity, and in this new piece of music and personal experience, look right into the other face of loveone that, instead of filling the soul with peace, emotions and passion, fills the soul with doubts, insecurities and fears.

On a production capable of shaping the perfect balance between introspection and melancholy conscious rap and desire, sensuality that permeate reggaetonBlade brings mature and conscious dialogue to paper, turning words into slashes and memories into delays, addressing his texts to an enigmatic and enigmatic woman who decides to call Shakira.

The natural instinct that makes us run away from problematic and suffering situations is the basis for a series of mixed feelings which, through the mysterious figure of Shakira, collide in the feelings of the artist, immersing him in an atmosphere of loneliness and shared memories with a universal flavor.

Angels that protect me from good, from all this evilBlade sings, expressing deep reflections that highlight how attachment to the past and the emotions that go with it –you were here before this money, before this podium, before the memoriesis often the most difficult hurdle to overcome in order to write a present and future free of pain that we can release from pain that depends solely on our daily choices.

“This song says the artist, taken from personal experience. I felt tired, tired of the usual monotony, of the classic love problems. I wanted to run away, get away from everything and everyone. The complexity of feelings very often tells us to run, never to suffer.”

And in “I turned out to be differentwhich is not identified with the increasingly pronounced egocentrism in the nascent Italian scene, but goes “from these schemes”, finding space in its opposite, in the awareness of the presence of other aspirations and ambitions -“all these dreams are not for me» – the initial feeling of confusion, caused by the difficulty of finding a final and final solution to problems, gives way willingness to face challenges rather than avoid them and put a dotit means that you are not for me, it means that we are too far away to be together– to all those situations that deprive us of a smile.

“Shakira” accompanied by a suggestive official video clip edited by OlucasP, it reaffirms Blade’s talent and authenticity, demonstrating how it is still possible to combine captivating rhythms and interpretations with intimate and brooding lyrics.

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Blade, alias Sami Azzabi, is a singer-songwriter born in 2000 in Cernusco sul Naviglio and moved to Crema. He has been into music from an early age, discovering rap through freestyle and deciding to give life to his first unpublished lyrics. After a long journey of introspection and careful sonic research, at the end of 2022 he publishes on all digital platforms “Sopra le folle”, his debut EP that captures well all the nuances of his soul and his artistic vision, followed next year by “Proiettile “, the armor of rhymes and flow against condemnation and hostility. Sharp, charismatic, but at the same time a thoughtful and attentive observer of emotional movements, Blade is one of the most promising talents of the new Italian rap game, an artist able to stand out and make himself recognizable through unique writing and interpretation. an attitude that, through texts imbued with reflections and feelings, reaches the audience with the universality and delicacy that only first-person experiences translated into music can give.


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