“Blast from the Past”: Matilda De Angelis as you’ve never seen her before: fans delirious behind the actress

Matilda De Angelis in a spectacular dress and shows herself in social networks in all its glory: fans are delirious

She is from Bologna, started with music, and then got into the cinema, immediately achieving great success not only in Italy, but throughout the world. Mathilde De Angelis is perhaps the most talented actress on the Italian artistic scene right now, and on the set of one of her many projects and works, she is even more beautiful.

Matilda De Angelis, she has never seen her like this – Photo: Ansa-adriatico24ore.it

The actress was on the set of the second season of the popular Netflix series. Law of Lydia Poetand in fact some photos were taken for the Instagram streaming page. The action of the series of costumes takes place at the end of the nineteenth century. beautiful vintage dresses that Matilda immediately wore to tell us the good news of the upcoming new season.

The series is about a strong woman who rebels against the patriarchal authority, which at that time prevented a woman from practicing law, even if she had all the powers. Matilda De Angelis expresses all her class and beauty in this dresswhich, in addition to making us plunge into the past, expresses all the strength, determination and grace of his character.

Matilda De Angelis, a dress from another time: fans are delirious about the actress

For several years now she has been riding the wave of success, she has never missed a beat, she is always excellent in her interpretations. Fan Enthusiasm for this photo in stage costume is just one of many reactions that make us realize how highly regarded Matilda De Angelis is.

Matilda De Angelis on the set of Lydia the Poet (source Instragram @Netflixit) – adriatico24ore.it

In 2020, the actress, after the success of films such as Fast as the wind AND YouTubeflies abroad and participates in an international mini-series with actors of the caliber Nicole Kidman AND Hugh grantby name Cancellation – unspoken truths. Since then, the great talent of this young actress has been recognized by all.

She’s always at work and even though Netflix is ​​a bit like her home after the movie’s success.”The Incredible History of Rose Island“and a note from the series”Law of Lydia Poet“, Matilda does not stop, because she is working on an important project for Amazon Prime Video, where she will play Diana in the Italian version of the international series Citadel.

She transitions from role to role with ease and fans can’t wait to see her in action. Of course, each of his posts is about new series and films in which he is the main character. drives everyone crazy.

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