Blitzkrieg 3 PC Game Download Full Version

Blitzkrieg 3 Download is a classic RTS in which the player becomes the commander of a fictional battle group from the Second World War. This game – produced by the Russian Naval studio – has been very popular for many years. Blitzkrieg is a whole series of games that started in 2003.

The plot of the game

The plot in Blitzkrieg 3 is quite simple. We are to gather our troops (which, unfortunately, are not very numerous) and then – occupy new locations on our tactical map with them. The problem is that the map hides the so-called “fog of war” which definitely makes it difficult to conduct any military operations without prior reconnaissance. We can conduct military operations in three factions – Germany (obviously), Russians and Allies.

Blitzkrieg 3 PC Game Download Full Version

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Why is it worth to get Blitzkrieg 3 Download ? Because it offers quite difficult gameplay. The forces we receive (most often it is something like a platoon of tanks) and several dozen infantrymen are definitely not enough to be successful in a frontal or flanking attack. Blitzkrieg requires the player to think – tactical thinking. We have to play a round in such a way as to gain a local tactical advantage and then – keep on attacking.

Game mechanics

In the case of Blitzkrieg 3 , the game mechanics are very extensive. We have several hundred combat units of various types at our disposal, ranging from aviation, supply vehicles and ending to infantry. The player can largely integrate with the environment (introducing an infantry platoon into the building will increase its resistance to small arms fire). It is also possible to use aviation, but let’s face it – this card is very risky, mainly due to the active and passive anti-aircraft defense of the enemy lurking everywhere.

A big advantage of Blitzkrieg 3 , which makes it worth downloading this game, is also taking into account armor penetration and their thickness. This gives the impression of a bit more real in the game – targeting, for example, frontal armor does not give you too much chance of destroying the tank. It is different when we shoot backwards or sideways …

The game Blitzkrieg 3 Download , it’s also a nod to history buffs. In addition to temporary missions, usually consisting of paving your way through the city or taking the enemy warehouse, we also have historical missions such as the fight for Kursk, Stalingrad or … the combat route of general Patton’s army (in addition to the game).

Visualization and interface of the game Blitzkrieg.

The game Blitzkrieg Download 3 , is also refined in terms of graphics. It is a great pleasure to observe soldiers loading shells into artillery guns … The creators from the Naval studio have refined their production to the fullest in this respect. In addition, Blitzkrieg 3 offers very effective explosions, natural reflections of tanks and many other attractions that we have already seen in, for example, Sudden Strike.

Summary and evaluation of the game

To sum up, pc games Blitzkrieg 3 are definitely a cult item. Its latest versions have not changed the graphic design of the production so far. While the game shows traces of blood on the battlefields, it is sure to be an ideal entertainment option even for teenage players (the blood options can be turned off). The added value of this game is also the high difficulty of the game. Thanks to it, the player playing Blitzkrieg 3 will not be bored. We invite you to download this game. It is a very interesting and engaging production.

Blitzkrieg 3 PC Game Download Full Version

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