blocked the dream of Formula 1, cause

Brad Pitt decided to stop. The dream of Formula 1 is blocked, the reason for the decision of the American actor. All the details.

Brad Pittbesides being famous actoris also motorist. Indeed, it is known that a movie star has a big passion for cars and motorcycles with big engines.

Brad Pitt (Instagram @bradpittofflcial –

Also recently, the star was the main character in the filming of the film Formula 1 film. A few weeks ago, Brad and his team went to Silverstone Grand Prix arousing the enthusiasm of the fans.

One of the main characters of this film is a champion Lewis Hamilton what he stated. “It’s amazing to watch the creation of the project – said the English driver –. Knowing that we’ll be filming this weekend… well, that’s certainly worrying because it’s a project that we’ve been investing in for quite some time.“.

Formula 1 Brad Pitt decided to stop: disappointed fans of the actor

However, for fans of Brad Pitt. there is not only good news, Against. Essentially, production movie is on pause.

Brad Pitt (Instagram @bradpittofflcial –

The actor decided to say yes SAG-AFTRA strikeUnion of film, television and radio artists of the United States.

There god’s decision she came to show solidarity and support those who work in the entertainment industry who ask for better contract terms.

Thus, Brad would have agreed to suspend the production of the Formula 1 film, thereby fully supporting the cause and showing solidarity with all the strikers.

The star would ask future dates are executed at a later time. Then the film will be finished even if the shooting is delayed. A decision made by a movie star despite great financial difficulties caused, in particular, from a financial point of view.

But Brad is by no means alone. In fact, there are many actors who, since June 2023, that is, since the SAG agreed to go on strike with 98% of voters, have preferred mobilize by abandoning the former, postponing filming and joining various demonstrations turns out to be compact for this good cause.

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