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Blonde dyes that you can use in Autumn if you are a brunette and want to look like Jennifer López

The blond It is a classic that will never go out of style and for many women the end of summer is the perfect time of year to release a new image and change the color of their hair. Therefore, experts share some proposals for blonde dyes for brunettes that favor them and will be in trend during the season of autumn.

Traditionally, brunette women They have opted for brown or black tones in their hair, however, renowned stylists assure that there is a wide variety of tones and shades that favor this type of complexion.

In general, light tones bring a lot of light to the face and help it look younger. Experts advise brunette women to avoid golden blondes and choose cooler shades that highlight hair, facial features, and complexion color.

In addition, they recommend Nordic blondes with cold and ash undertones that can be applied with the Contouring Facial a technique that will also be in fashion this autumn season that consists of highlighting the part of the hair that frames the face with a much lighter outline.

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The dazzling mane of Jennifer Lopez is one of the most successful bets for this autumn season, the delicate reflections in two shades of blonde and the fine golden sparkles of her highlights add movement and dimension to her hair.

The Bronx Diva opted for some babylights highlights, a very famous color effect at the beginning of 2019 that is still in force for its versatility in adapting to any hair color, but also, for being the ideal option for those who do not want blonde to predominate in their hair.

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Here we share some blonde dyes that will triumph during the fall and go perfectly with brown skin tone, special to take advantage of the cold and cloudy days during this season:

Honey tones

The honey tones are ideal to illuminate the face and give a different touch to the classic brown hair, without having to bleach the hair so much. These are discreet colors, but full of brightness and light, which are highly recommended for people with warm skin tones.

Coppery blondes

Copper tints are perfect for people tired of platinum blonde hair or aggressive bleaching because they return pigments to the hair and provide a look of vitality and warmth to the skin. In addition, it is a tone that stands out from the rest of the blondes.

Sandy blondes

Sand tones will always be a safe bet for brunettes who want to wear a discreet blonde that is perfect for their skin tone because they are neutral and go well with all undertones, it is only a matter of adapting them.

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