Blood on my Nikez: Denzel Curry and Juicy J are back together

Blood on my Nikes there was a particular downfall: after having been brought in by Denzel several times, the song was released on YouTube a week ago, but only for the first two minutes. However, when Denzel asked fans to guess what the end of the song would be, few people guessed it was a verse. juicy jay.

Denzel Curry adds Juicy J to his Blood on My Nikez album

In fact, the two have already worked together, even on Denzel’s first pop hit “Spaccacasse”. finalwhere the remix was born with the participation of the participant three 6 mafia. In fact, the Floridian has always declared himself to be a big fan of the supergroup Gangsta Boo, Lord Infamous, DJ Paul and Juicy J in particular, also directing certain influences on some projects such as ZUU or 32 Zel.

Even split into two parts, the song gave the rapper’s sound a decidedly southern twist, a return to ZUU exactly what, no matter how far away Melt my eyeWe know this is a significant period for Curry. Accent, catchy keys, pre-chorus and mosh pit drop are all distinctive elements. Blood on my Nikes.

Juicy J contributes to the density of the track with its confident flow and is the first version of a possible rebooted compilation Blood In + Blood Out, which resembles Blood The original is currently only available on YouTube. If you like this sound, get it now.

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