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Bloodborne Remastered for PS5 Will Be Announced Soon at a Sony Event?

The rumors related to Bloodborne do not seem to diminish: on the one hand we have rumors about a potential spiritual following by FromSoftware, known by the code name of Velvet Veil (interesting rumor, but somewhat doubtful), while on the other we have some chat about a potential PC release and a PS5 upgrade.

To this pile, we can now add another rumor, coming from Tim Rogers, content creator and ex-developer: according to the influencer, PlayStation could have a construction site a remastered version of Bloodborne, which will be announced during the next Sony event, PlayStation. Experience or State of Play.

For several weeks now Rogers has been predicting the arrival of a PS5 update for Bloodborne, something that many fans are looking forward to in order to finally play the exclusive PlayStation at 60fps. Not surprisingly, the insider would have urged players eager to try Bloodborne for the first time not to, as the improved remaster would be imminent.

Obviously, to date, Sony has not yet announced its own event, resulting in the only publisher without a panel during the period of E3 2021, so we cannot determine how “imminent” that announcement is.

We have a trademark registration for the next PlayStation Experience, but without an official communication and date, that’s a very weak clue.

For the moment, just like all the other rumors about the return of Bloodborne, remaster, remake, or sequel they are, we will have to catalog them as rumors and carry on.

With Elden Ring on the horizon, FromSoftware’s soulslikes are certainly not lacking, but Bloodborne will always have a special place in fans’ hearts and, of course, we all hope it will soon enjoy a next-gen patch to unlock its true potential…


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