Blue Beetle: In the U.S., it’s supplanting Barbie, but it’s one of the lowest-grossing openings for a DC film.

blue beetle

Barbie remained firmly at number one at the box office for four weeks in the United States, but was eventually pushed out blue beetle (review here), a new DC movie dedicated to the first Hispanic superhero. However, the DC movie didn’t outperform the feature film by much. Greta Gerwig. According to, the director’s film Angel Manuel Soto in fact, it debuted below expectations despite positive reviews from critics and the public. On my first weekend blue beetle it grossed only $25 million, when it was originally expected to be $30.

This is the lowest box office performance for a DC movie since Wonder Woman 1984 it was released in 2020, but at a time that was justified by known difficulties. Cast movie Gal Gadot in fact, it only made 16.7 million at the box office in its opening weekend due to the pandemic. Previous DC release in theater, Flash, which earned $55.1 million at the box office in the first weekend of June. However, the film fell sharply in its second weekend, and is now regarded as one of the greatest comic book movie flops of all time.

blue beetle he may not have had a good start, but his positive feedback could probably help him get through Flash in total revenue. The film is known to see Xolo Mariduegna as the protagonist and his alter ego Jaime Reyes, who, while trying to find his purpose in the world, unexpectedly finds himself in possession of an ancient relic of alien biotechnology: the Beetle. When the Beetle suddenly chooses Jaime as his symbiotic host, he is given an incredible suit of armor with extraordinary and unpredictable powers that changes his fate forever.

What do we know about blue beetle?

blue beetle fictional comic book character; it was published in the United States of America by various publishers beginning in 1940. This superhero has had different alter egos over time. Kord “jumped” into the DC Comics universe during Cysis on Infinite Earths along with a number of other Charlton Comics characters. The second Blue Beetle later starred in its own 24-issue comic. Kord never had superpowers, but he used science to create various devices to help him fight crime.

He became a member of the Justice League of America and was later killed during the crossover. Infinite Crisis DC comics. soto (“The Charm of the Kings of the City”, “The Farm”) directs from the script Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer (“Miss Bala”), based on DC characters. Near Xolo Mariduegna (“Cobra Kai”) we found Adriana Barraza (“Rambo: Last Blood”, “Thor”) as Jaime’s grandmother, Nana, Damian Alcazar (Narcos, Narcos: Mexico) at the father, Elpidia Carrillo (“Maya MS”saga of “Predator”) in the role of mother, Bruna Marquezin (“Maldives”, “God Save the King”) as Jenny Kord, Raul Max Trujillo (films of “Sicario”, “Maya MS”) as Carapace.

Academy Award Susan Sarandon (Monarch, Dead Man Walking.) such as Victoria Cord e George Lopez (sagas about “Rio” AND “The Smurfs”) like his uncle Rudy. Also in the cast Belissa Escobedo (“American Horror Stories”, “Hocus Pocus 2”.) as sister Jaime Milagro e Harvey Gillen (“What do we do in the shadows”), who plays Dr. Sanchez. blue beetle available in Italian theaters from August 17, 2023 and distributed by Warner Bros. pictures.

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