‘Blue Beetle’ is disappointing, almost worse than ‘The Flash’

The appeal of the DC comics superhero was not enough to thwart Barbie at the box office. The film, starring Margot Robbie, who plays the iconic doll in a brilliantly daring comedy, has stood the test of Blue Beetle, Warner Bros.’s new DC Studios movie. other DC movie comics such as Shazam 2: Fury of the Gods and The Flash.

Barbie fights back at box office: Blue Beetle couldn’t beat Margot Robbie movie

As of Thursday, August 17, Blue Beetle has earned just $3.3 million from public previews, less than Shazam 2’s $3.4 million and Flash’s $9.7 million. The two films then opened the weekend with $30.1 million and $55 million respectively. The Blue Beetle, on the other hand, looks much worse, with analysts predicting $25 million to $30 million for the entire weekend, which may not be enough to win the top spot.

Barbie, in fact, continues to win over the public even after a month of programming: the film with Margot Robbie has already exceeded $200 million in total grosses and is poised to reach $25 million in its fifth weekend. If so, then Barbie will be able to stay at the top of the standings by inflicting a crushing defeat on the Blue Beetle. It would be a bad result for a DC comic book movie to miss out on a #1 debut compared to a movie that’s been on the bill for over a month.

Blue Beetle may be hoping for a big push from Hispanic audiences as the film stars Jaime Reyes, a Mexican-American teenager who gets powers from an alien beetle. But so far, the data doesn’t look encouraging: Blue Beetle can’t do better than Shazam 2 or The Flash, already considered a big disappointment at the DC box office. The film is directed by Angel Manuel Soto and stars Xolo Mariduena, Isabela Merced and Michael Peña.

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