Blue dollar hit a week’s lows and accumulates a rise lower than inflation in the month

At the same time, the price remained very far from the value of the “counted with liqui” (CCL) that, despite the slight drop this Wednesday, shot up after the elections after the decision of the Central Bank (BCRA) to withdraw its intervention in the bag to take care of the reserves. Currently the also called dollar “cable” operates in the area of ​​$ 217.

The blue dollar had had a bullish rally in the week before the elections to reach an intraday nominal record at $ 207, which appears to have been its top.

So far this month, the informal sector has registered a cumulative rise of just $ 3 (1.5%). The median of the estimates of the consulting firms and banks that participated in the last REM of the BCRA estimated an inflation of 3% for November. However, it is worth remembering that the last two private sector projections were lower than the official INDEC data.

So far in 2021, the parallel accumulates an appreciation of $ 34.50 (20.8%), well below the accumulated inflation of the year, higher than 40%.

For now, the only novelty in exchange regulation matters is the reduction in the intervention in the prices of financial dollars traded with the AL30, the most liquid bond.

In this framework, a resolution of the National Securities Commission (CNV) established on Monday of last week that the limit of operations in the stock exchange “counted with settlement” (CCL) must respect a technical limit (50,000 nominal dollars) beyond of purchases of government securities in foreign currency made by each investor. At the moment the restriction did not have much effect to contain the gap.

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