Blue dollar in check: this is the distorted 100 dollar bill that already operates in the City

The dollar blue today Friday, November 19, 2021 trades at $ 198 for purchase and $ 201 for sale, so he is on his way to closing the business week without major changes, after registering his all-time record of $ 207 in the run-up to the legislative elections.

The currency that is exchanged on the parallel market shows a gap just over 100% compared to the wholesale exchange rate and around 90% compared to the official retail dollar, what to puring today leaves a profit of $ 4784 when using the monthly purchase quota of $ 200.

However, and despite continuing to position itself as one of the most profitable options for savers who take advantage of the short-term profit margin, the City accentuates its controls and alerted this Friday for the presence of counterfeit “cartoonish” 100 dollar bills.

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Dollar blue today, what are cartoony and distorted banknotes?

The u $ s 100 bills They are usually the ones with the highest circulation in the City and the country’s exchange houses, not only because of their nominal value but also because it allows operators to carry out transactions in large volume.

The Argentine scenario also includes a price distinction between designs (dollar small face, dollar medium face and dollar large face) that leaves as a result short-term untold profit margins in the face of the devaluation of the peso, although also, and because it is a parallel market, windows where you try to pass counterfeit bills that cancel any type of exchange of North American currencies. One of them is the cartoonish dollar.

It’s called a cartoonish dollar and distorted by references to the face of Benjamin Franklin that show in the watermark, one of the resources imposed by the United States Federal Reserve to ensure its authenticity.

“I compared the two bills and found that the counterfeit bill had thicker and heavier paper, darker discolored ink, smaller than a real bill, dull green ink, and a distorted ‘cartoonish’ watermark,” warned a ticket operator. the City carries.

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How to recognize a real and a fake dollar bill by the watermark

In the authentic dollar bills there is a watermark with the same face as the main figure that can be seen against the light on the right side. The image has to be clear, sharp, with a fine line, with a lot of detail, especially in the nose, eyes, eyebrows, smile, etc.

Thus, in cases where this image does not present these details, or appears on the back as if it were drawn with bleach (ink-eraser type), it should be presumed that the dollar bill is not true.

Dlar blue today: the other after security measures that the US $ 100 bill has

The u $ s 100 bill has more security measures to avoid counterfeits, and there are five main details of the role to be aware of:

1. Texture: Authentic banknotes have a unique texture, a bit rough to the touch. “In such a fine paper there is a lot of security, and it is a mixture of 25% linen and 75% cotton, with red and blue security fibers”, specifies the North American Federal Reserve.

In the first step, the Fed recommends asking yourself three questions: Do you feel too soft or stiff? Does it feel too thick or thin? Does it feel too slippery or rough?

2. 3D safety edge: time to tip the bill. This blue colored ribbon is woven (not printed) only on the front of the banknote, and with the movement, the bell pattern transforms into the number 100, and vice versa.

They are small images in three dimensions, and are part of the new security features that the $ 100 has had since 2013.

3. Bell and number: on the right side of the bill there is a bell inside an inkwell. On tilting, that bell turns from green to copper, producing a pop-up effect.

The number 100, which is one of the indicators of the value of the note in the lower right margin, also changes from green to copper.

4. Watermark: the “hidden” image of Benjamin Franklin, politician and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, is a security measure that was kept on the 2013 banknotes. It is located to the right of the main portrait and can only be seen against the light.

5. Security thread: now on the left side of the banknote, this thread is fine and when the banknote is placed against the light, the legend can be seen “USA 100”. If UV light is used, that tape should look pink.

It does not matter what year they were issued, all designs of United States currency are legal tender, therefore previous editions of $ 100 are still in circulation.

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