Blue dollar today: how much is it trading this Monday, November 29

The blue dollar is located this Monday at $ 198 for the purchase and $ 201 for sale. In those values ​​it has been maintained since last Thursday, with which the gap is still above 99% with respect to the wholesale exchange rate and around 89% in relation to the retail one.

On the last wheels, the blue dollar was registering moderate variations up and down, so it exhibits a certain calm and stability, away from its record of $ 207 for sale, which he reached earlier this month.

MEP and ccl

The dollar MEP and the counted with settlement (CCL), meanwhile, they return to operating downward. These quotes, which are traded through bonds, they registered decreases of 2.1% and 0.4% to be just below $ 196 and $ 211, respectively.

Likewise, financial dollars whose operation is not limited, known as dollar “Senebi”, mark generalized setbacks of up to 2.7% and are listed between $ 210 and $ 215, based on the average of a basket of titles.


The official dollar retailer it remains at $ 105.75 on the screens of Banco Nacin and at $ 106.41 on the average of the financial entities surveyed by the Central Bank (BCRA). In this way, the “solidarity” dollar stands at more than $ 175 on average, about $ 26 below the blue.

The official dollar wholesaler, meanwhile, it is trading at $ 100.93, marking an advance of thirteen cents compared to the previous close. In this way, the monetary authority corrects the accumulated of the two previous days, with no activity in the market for the weekend, at the rate of more than four cents a day.

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