Blue dollar today: how much is it trading this Sunday, January 9

The blue dollar is located at $ 205 for purchase and $ 208 for sale, after registering a slight drop last Friday.

Despite the decline, the banknote in the informal market in the first days of the year is near its all-time highs of $ 210 for sale, reached in the last days of December.

The blue dollar remains near its all-time high, reached just a few weeks ago

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The blue dollar maintains the gap at almost 102% compared to the official wholesale and around 92% compared to the retail average.

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The price of the dollar MEP remains above $ 203, while the counted with settlement (CCL) is located between $ 207 and $ 212, according to a basket of company stocks.

Thus, the MEP dollar continues well below the price of the blue dollar, while the CCL in most of the cases shows top figures compared to the parallel, based on the latest quotes on that market.

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The official dollar retailer It is located at $ 108.50 in Banco Nacin and at $ 108.84 in the average of the financial entities surveyed by the Central Bank (BCRA), according to Friday’s close.

In this way, the “solidarity” continues above $ 178 Average, almost $ 30 below the blue dollar.

Meanwhile, the official dollar wholesaler It is located at $ 103.28, marking an increase of four cents compared to the previous closing.

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