Blue dollar today: how much it is trading at on Friday, November 26 | Blue dollar today: how much it is trading at on Friday, November 26

Price of the blue dollar and the official dollar

Purchase sale
Dolar blue $ 197.00 $ 201.00
Official dollar $ 100.16 $ 106.16

The blue dollar closed its price on the last business day at $ 196.50 for the purchase and $ 200.50 for the sale, which positioned it 96.69% percent above the official dollar. The price of the dollar in the formal market was around $ 100.08 for the purchase and $ 106.08 respectively for the sale.

What is the blue dollar?

The Blue Dollar is called the dollar that is obtained on the black market or parallel market. In Argentina euphemisms are used to refer to this dollar and it is also called blue, parallel dollar or black dollar. This dollar is not bought in banks or official exchange houses, but is sold in “caves” or sold by the traditional “arbolitos” in the main streets of downtown. The price of the blue dollar is generally higher than the price of the official dollar and the gap tends to increase as exchange control increases or restrictions on the purchase of dollars at the official price are increased. The blue dollar market is insignificant in size compared to the rest of the foreign exchange operations. It has, fundamentally, influence in the generation of social and economic expectations about a possible strong devaluation. It is a variable used to generate scenarios of political and financial instability.

Dollar counted with liquid or dollar leak

It arises from the value of the dollar that companies and wholesale buyers are willing to pay through the operation known as “cash settlement.” In this operation, shares of Argentine companies or public securities listed on the New York Stock Exchange are bought in pesos and sold in that market. Thus, they obtain dollar bills free of official restrictions, abroad of course, at a much higher price than the official quotation.

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