Blue dollar today: how much it traded this Wednesday, November 24

The blue dollar was sold this Wednesday, November 24 at $ 197.50 for the purchase and $ 200.50 for sale in the City of Buenos Aires, with a low 50 cents regarding the previous day.

Thus, the gap with the wholesale bill, which was traded at $ 100.62, reaches 99.27%.

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For its part, the official dollar rose 25 cents and traded at $ 99.75 for the purchase and $ 105.75 for sale on the screens of the Banco de la Nación Argentina (BNA). Consequently, the exchange rate “solidary” came to $ 174.48.

Blue dollar today: how much it traded this Wednesday, November 24

The price of the blue dollar in the last 30 days

The blue dollar comes from touching the record of $ 207 in the days before the legislative elections of November 14. In October it reached $ 195 and equaled its previous historical peak, recorded on October 23 of last year.

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In the year accumulates an increase of $ 34.50 or 20.8%, well below the estimated inflation for the same period, around 40%. Throughout October, the blue dollar added $ 11.50.

The price of the dollar in the last year

In October 2020, after the strengthening of the exchange rate hold, the blue dollar hit an annual maximum of $ 195 and the gap with the wholesaler reached 150%. At that time, the Government reconsidered the macroeconomic policy (lower deficit, decrease in transfers from the Central to the national Treasury, among others).

As of November 2020, the distance between the parallel and the official dollar began to compress. The gap fell to 65% and in April the blue touched its low of the year, of $ 139. Since then, the parallel regained its bullish profile in the middle of the electoral calendar and the uncertainty about 2022.

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