Blue Origin loses trial to prevent NASA from going to the Moon with SpaceX lander

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The federal judge in the case of Blue Origin against the United States Government over the NASA HLS contract has agreed with the space agency, which means that SpaceX can return to work on the Starship that will carry NASA astronauts. to the surface of the Moon.

On April 16, NASA chose SpaceX to develop, manufacture and operate two flights of a Starship spacecraft specially adapted for landing on the Moon. Blue Origin and Dynetics, SpaceX’s two competitors in the hunt for this public contract, protested to the Government Accountability Office for the decision to choose a single contractor, but the Starship HLS contract was $ 2.9 billion, half of what Blue Origin was asking NASA for its lunar lander, so the decision was upheld.

Far from settling, Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ aerospace company, filed a lawsuit against the United States Government before the Federal Claims Court, which again caused the suspension of the HLS (Human Landing System) contract between NASA and SpaceX.

Now that trial is over and the judge has ruled against Blue Origin, to which Jeff bezos has reacted by wishing “full success to NASA and SpaceX”, message that implies that Blue Origin will not appeal the sentence. This twist ends the legal battle that threatened to delay NASA’s already ambitious return to the Moon program, known as Artemis.

NASA, which has not sent humans to the Moon since 1972, has declared itself “disappointed that it has not been able to move forward” in the development of the Starship HLS in recent months. According to a statement to New York TimesMeeting with SpaceX to assess the moon mission schedule now that the trial has ended in their favor is a “very high priority” for the space agency.

Blue Origin, meanwhile, has published a release in which he assures that his lawsuit “highlighted the important security problems in the Human Landing System selection process that still need to be addressed.”

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