Bluebeaters in concert with free admission to the Vox Stage at Ultravox Firenze

Wednesday 12 July 2023at 21.00, the bluebeaters they will be in concerts with free admission As far as vox stage Didultravox florence in Cassin Park.

The (earlier) group was born out of a meeting in the summer of 1993 between Casino Royale, Africa Unite and Brothers of Soledad with the idea of ​​forming a one-night band that would perform only once at Hiroshima Mon Amour. Turin on 18 March 1994. Thus was born Giuliano Palma and The Bluebeaters, a band that performed reinterpretations of ska, Jamaican rocksteady and American soul songs, taking their name from Bluebeat, or the first ska produced by the same-named record label Blue Beat. Is. record. Many of the songs we actually remember include Paolo Conte’s Mexico and Clouds, Enzo Jannasi’s hit song, Gino Paoli’s Che Cosa Si, Equip 84’s Tutta Mia La Citta, Black’s Wonderful Life cover, and Cher’s Believe.
(After) In late 2012, after four studio albums and eighteen years spent with The Bluebeaters, Giuliano Palma chose a solo career. The rebirth of the group took place in just nine months: with Cato Senatore, D’Angelo Parpaglione and Count Ferdi, Pat Cosmo Benfi returned to singing with other musicians who have been part of the large family that has grown over the past twenty years. Part of 2013 and 2014 is devoted to live dates and, after a new single, Toxic (Britney Spears cover), the album Everybody Knows is released in 2015 for the Milanese label, Record Kicks. The sound returns to the roots of Jamaican music that the Bluebeaters have been playing with originality and style for 29 years now. The songs are still rearrangements of songs in English, with the sole exception of Luigi Tenko’s “La Mia Geisha”. The stage is held firmly in place by the incredible voice of Pat Cosmo Benifey who is the frontman of the group for the first time. Five singles have been released, also on vinyl, including “Roll With It” and “Everybody Knows” accompanied by a video. The band’s projects and collaborations have multiplied: they work with Max Casasi (Subsonica), Bianco, Boom Da Bash, Lo Stato Social, Diego Mancino and Zibba. In 2017, the band has returned to the studio for the new label Garrincha Diski (Lo Stato Social, X Otago, Pancreas and others), after more than 100 concerts in the past year and a half and several concerts abroad and a tour in Mexico. A new album which for the first time will consist only of original and Italian songs, born of new collaborations with young artists and writers close to the label and the band. In the same year after the first single, Garrincha Diski published the first single that marks the beginning of this new path: “Tempo”.

In February 2018, The Bluebeaters were chosen as the resident band for the TV show “Dopo Festival” from the Sanremo Casino Theatre. Right during the Sanremo festival, two new singles have been released: “Valentina” and “A Stupendous Winter”, evidence of a new writing process that will become even more evident in 2019 with the release of “Ancora un Giorno”. Willy Piyote (soundtrack to the film of the same name by Raúl de la Fuente and Damian Neno), “A Meta” feat. Cimini and especially “Mother Forgive Me” feat. COEZ, with video from Marco Santi, the single that gets the engines heating up in the wake of the release of the new album SHOCK! In Full Pandemic on October 9th, 2020. In 2022 the Bluebeaters have finally resumed touring Italian and above all foreign forums, touching Germany at the Freedom Sound Festival, France with a summer tour in the South, Switzerland at the Locarno Film Festival and Great with a final date in September In the UK in the famous 100 Club of London. In Italy as a guest at Eurovision in Turin in May and Always in Turin in December for the Turin Film Festival with a dedicated lineup for the soundtrack. The only record release from this year is on cassette, with a live performance in 2017 in Cologne for DIRT TAPES, a label specializing in k7.

After their relationship with Garrincha ended in 2021, the Bluebeaters began working on a new album in late 2023, with a new single expected in May. Meanwhile, Universal Italia has reissued their debut albums The Album (1999) and Wonderful Live (2000) on vinyl for the first time and the band is present in Germany with an unreleased single, “Trinity”, which appears on the Freedom Sound compilation Cologne. Released on. Festival. Waiting to see them live, you can follow them on social networks and on the website www.theblue, where you can find all the updates, videos, music and a shop with the band’s merchandise.

Create row: Pat Cosmo, vocals; Kato Senator, guitar; De Angelo Parpaglione, sax and flute; Henry Allevena, trombone; Danilo Scuchimara, piano and organ; Count Ricky, bass; Count Ferdy, drums.

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