Blur, The Ballad of Darren review: The comeback is excellent (and makes you cry)

stigma They always have the ability to focus on the present, to give it a special and surprising interpretation. Also thanks to the sensitivity of their frontman, damon albert, his music represents an emotional response to social events. For this reason also, the release of darren’s song (Parlophone/Warner), the band’s ninth album, which fans have been eagerly waiting for. After eight years of silence, we may finally find out what Blur thinks about these Roaring Twenties.

darren’s song This is not an operation of nostalgia. This is an album born out of a creative necessity, an artistic urgency. And for that reason it is destined for an iconic role in the group’s discography. that the four members Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James and Dave Rowntree – that they were experiencing a very brilliant artistic moment, it had already been clear for a few months. In fact, 2023 saw the solo debut of Rountree and Coxon’s The Wave, cracker island Did Gorillaz (Albaron’s second project) and, finally, the new Blur production. In total there are four albums in seven months.

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Each of these musicians adds a special element to the ten tracks they compose darren’s song, together with the manufacturer, james ford ,Arctic Monkeys, colts, depeche mode), they knew how to mix and cook them. The result is a fascinating work dominated by style balladSad and bitter.

self reflection And this The possibility of loss which filter through Albarn’s texts, despite their tendency towards abstraction, to guide the listener and help interpret the various sonorities. Access to the disc is through an antechamber: ballad, interpreted with vulnerability, is a kind of prologue that introduces the first protagonists of the opera, the Chorus. the album definitely begins St. Charles Square, The second single taken out is a party in which the landlord welcomes us saying “Maine Ghadal Kar Di” (“I messed up”). Attention is now at an all-time high. They are all ready to listen to the story Blur has to tell.

Coxon’s riffs dominate the scene. A showcase of how the guitarist has reclaimed his leading role in the group and artistic connection with the band, following their 2003 split. David Bowie remotely observe the harmonic progression of pieces that are reminiscent of his own pieces Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)1980 album. Bowie’s quote finally surfaced when Albarn started singing Gods Demon and gods Evil spirit which he is forced to face.

UnculturedWith James’ catchy bassline and synth-rock sound, it’s a hit. Look forward to the more reflective moments of the record that will conclude narcissist: The world we live in cannot run without the passion of the ego. An insatiable addiction, a source of deep uneasiness that gives no peace. The solution seems to come only with the last mark, heights: “There’s something so bright you can’t even see it”

close circle cover, Created by British photojournalist Martin Parr, is in complete continuity with the lyrics and atmosphere of the song. Known for his bitter style and his social sensitivity, Parr has an ability to describe modernity and its contradictions. An experience he shared with Blur: he was only twenty-five when, in 1993, he decided to call his second album modern life sucks ,modern life is garbage, Thirty years later, a collaboration with Parr was born. Their picture is the perfect frame for an album capable of traversing the most intimate of present.


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