Bob hairstyle – a haircut that conquers VIPs

A short haircut made VIPs lose their heads. Many have chosen to cut their hair to chin-to-shoulder length for some time now, but never before has there been such a high cut percentage as this year. After all, it is a practical and at the same time elegant cut, and most importantly very versatile. He wore it for many years Federico Pellegrini for the sake of practicality in the bath, I also wanted to try Annalisaalbeit previously in a wig, for the video for the summer hit “Mon Amour”.

Duration, variations on a theme

Oriana Marzoli

The bob haircut allows for endless variations on this theme. Oriana Marzoli, as soon as she left Big Brother Vip’s house, she said goodbye to her long hair and opted for a chin-length bob cut. Hair Milena Mikoniwhich chooses a crisp and crisp long bob. Claire Ferragni she wowed everyone with her hair during her stage debut at the Sanremo Festival. Within a few months, he even shortened them a little: a sign that he doesn’t want them to grow back, at least for now.

Smooth or wavy?

Sarah Felberbaum

Bob allows you to play with style, each time experimenting with styling for a different mood. Hair can be worn straight and combed neatly, as she does. Laura Ciatti favoring a more classic style. But also the awakening effect suggested by Pamela Camassa it’s perfect, wavy hair stays natural and a little tousled. Also Sarah Felberbaum gives the hair movement, but, unlike the previous victim, she emphasizes the waves with the help of a straightener.

foreign stars

Hailey Bieber also wears bob hair.

The bean craze has not only spread to Italy. This hairstyle was chosen even by world stars, each interpreting it in their own way. A light wavy long bob is the best choice. Cate Blanchett, which has always been a symbol of class and sophistication. Hair Emma Stone they reach mid-neck, she wears them slightly wavy for casual style. Hailey Bieber It has a shorter cut, refined with a sideline and slight finger movement.

Rocío Muñoz Morales and Letizia Casta also wear the bob: their style can be found in the gallery.

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