Boca astrologer reveals how Messi and Riquelme will end season

As for Riquelme, Armas has no hesitation in affirming that Boca’s greatest icon will win the presidential election It will be held in December this year.

Messi and Riquelme will end the year on a high note.Leo wins another star, Roman wins the presidency”, Armas announced the news through his social networks, and fans of the two great Argentine icons also began to express their emotions. Will his words come true?

Boca astrologer does it again: Which national team will not qualify for the 2026 World Cup

In a surprising prediction session, renowned astrologer Jorge Armas, who is linked to Boca Juniors, released his predictions for the teams that will qualify for the 2026 World Cup and those that will be excluded from the competition Prediction. There are some unexpected changes in Abmas’ prediction that have fans hanging.

With the United States, Mexico and Canada hosting the 2026 World Cup, fans’ attention has been focused on the South American qualifiers, which feature 10 teams vying for a spot in the international tournament.

Jorge Armas’ most eye-catching prediction is that the Argentinian national team will top the table, overtaking their main rivals Brazil, who are in second place. The news made Argentines, who had high hopes for this tournament, overjoyed.

However, the Argentinian astrologer not only predicted which teams will qualify for the World Cup, but also boldly predicted which teams will compete in the playoffs. Armas said that Peru will repeat the mistakes of the last World Cup and participate in the play-offs and remember their tragic elimination by Australia in a penalty shootout.

The most surprising thing about Armas’s prediction is that, according to his astral vision, three teams have been identified as being excluded from the 2026 World Cup: Chile, Bolivia and Venezuela will be ineligible countries, for sure will be excluded. Stirring controversy and debate in affected countries.

To sum up, Jorge Armas predicts that the teams that will qualify for the 2026 World Cup will be Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru. With these predictions in mind, fans across South America will be watching the progress of the South American qualifiers with great interest, waiting to see if the Boca astrologers’ vision comes true.

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