Boca could not with Red but continues to lead

The Reserve Mouth could not this Wednesday with Independent and tied without goals as a visitor, but still leader in the championship with three dates remaining. Of course, he will look askance at the game that Argentines must play tomorrow against Vélez due to the possibility that they shorten the difference at the top.

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In the match played in Domínico, Boca was the protagonist of the match but could never break the equality against Rojo. The figure of the party? Renzo Bacchia, the goalkeeper who took many important balls to keep the game in a draw.

Hugo Ibarra’s team finished with one less for the expulsion of Renzo Giampaoli 15 minutes from the end.

With this tie, Boca reached the 43 points in the championship and he surpassed all his followers by five points, the only one who can reduce that difference is Argentinos.

Last tournament, with Battaglia at the helm, the team reached the final of the League Cup and lost in the final against Sarmiento de Junín.

Better with Ibarra

Since the Negro took office, the Boca Reserve has not lost yet. They have 10 victories and five draws, with 48 goals in favor and only 16 against. The results ?: 4-0 to Board of Trustees, 2-2 vs. Platense, 4-0 to Racing, 3-1 to Rosario Central, 3-2 with Defense and Justice, 1-1 with Atlético Tucumán, 3-1 against Colón, 3-0 against River, 5-0 Lanús, 2-1 to Huracán, 6-0 with Godoy Cruz, 2-1 against Vélez, 1-1 with Gimnasia, 1-1 with Aldosivi, 4-1 against San Lorenzo, the tie 4-4 against Sarmiento and the new tie against Independiente at zero . Tremendous.

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Like the Primera, the Boca Reserve also started the tournament on the wrong foot and improving its harvest as the matches went by. They lost on the first date 1-0 to Unión and then there were massive debuts of the boys in the First Division due to the mandatory isolation of the professional team. There, Xeneize postponed the match against San Lorenzo and came last in the table after drawing with Talleres and losing with Argentinos and Estudiantes.


Mouth: Agustín Lastra; Pedro Velurtas, Renzo Giampaoli, Gabriel Aranda, Valentín Barco; Equi Fernández, Rodrigo Montes, Gabriel Vega; Vicente Taborda; Exequiel Zeballos and Gonzalo Morales. DT: Hugo Benjamin Ibarra.

Independent: Renzo Bacchia Rodríguez; Federico Rotela, Ezequiel Moschen, Santiago Velásquez, Ayrton Costa; Pablo González Soriano, Matías Sosa, Ramiro Lobo; Luciano Villalva, Juan Román Zarza and Julián Romero. DT: Claudio González.

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