Boca does not tire of insisting on a longing for Battaglia

Boca is still active in the transfer market and will once again insist on one of Sebastián Battaglia’s favourites.

Boca insists on the arrival of Guillermo 'Pol' Fernández
© Getty Images, Getty Images South AmericaBoca insists on the arrival of Guillermo ‘Pol’ Fernández

With Nicholas Figal closed and Darius Benedetto very close to reaching an agreement, Bocaco little by little is transforming its market into a positive one. Now, At the explicit request of Sebastián Battaglia, the Football Council led by Juan Román Riquelme will return to the fray for a footballer for whom they have already received several negative responses.

with the fans of Mouth anxiously awaiting Pipa and full of hope for the next Copa Libertadores, the leadership does not relax and will look for a midfielder who would be very important in Battaglia’s squad. Plus, it could have great resale value.

It is not Romero or Farías: Boca does not tire of insisting on a longing for Battaglia

beyond that Boca is finalizing details for Benedetto to arrive in the country and play again with the blue and gold jersey, as well as for Ángel Romero, Battaglia has an old yearning that is abroad.

Guillermo Fernández, Cruz Azul’s attacking midfielder, is the footballer for whom Xeneize’s coach is fighting on a daily basis. Yes OK the negotiation is complicated, since he has six months left on his contract and he does not want to break it, from the leadership of Boca they will have to negotiate exclusively with their peers from the Cement Machine.

After rebuilding the relationship with Juan Román Riquelme, pole he wants to play again with the club that was champion three times. However, the Mexicans are willing to release him, as long as there is a sum of 3.5 million dollars in the negotiation. To return to?

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