Boca, hot: Pavón went to the bank angrily and almost fought with Zambrano

The Cordoba hit the ceiling, threw a bottle of water and wet the defender, who got up and went to face him. Tremendous!

Hot mouth Pavon Zambrano

Mouth lost with Independent by date 22 of the Professional League and a hot moment was lived in the substitute bench between Cristian Pavón and Carlos Zambrano.

Sebastian Battaglia, Boca coach, decided to take Pavón out in the second half and the Cordoba forward went very angry to the substitute bench: He hit the ceiling and flipped some bottles of water.

When throwing one of the bottles ended up wetting Zambrano, who first asked him for calm and then got angry: the defender got up from the bench and charged Pavón.

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What Battaglia said about what happened between Pavón and Zambrano

Boca coach Sebastián Battaglia assured that the team’s tense moments, such as Cristian Pavón’s anger when leaving and his fight with Carlos Zambrano, is his greatest concern. “It worries me more. We have to be calm and demonstrate on the field. Without a doubt, nobody wants to go out. It is clear. But you have to make decisions in the game.”

“Everyone wants to play, it is very clear. You also understand the player but you have to know that you have to be calm”, he added, about Pavón.

Battaglia, on fire with Independiente because they cut off Boca’s water


Battaglia, on fire with Independiente because they cut off Boca's water

Independiente vs Boca, hot classic: discussions and a childish expulsion of Carlos Izquierdoz

In a hot classic in Avellaneda, Boca finished with 10 players against Independiente for the child expulsion of Carlos Izquierdoz when 36 minutes of the second half were played.

Izquierdoz wanted to take a free kick quickly, Alan Velasco punctuated it and the Boca defender reacted with an elbow to the Independiente player.

In the first instance, referee Pablo Echavarría took the yellow card from him when Izquierdoz seemed to go alone to the dressing room, but later he corrected and showed it the red one.

Independent – Boca Ejected Left


Independent - Boca Ejected Left

Meanwhile, the first half between Independiente and Boca in Avellaneda, on date 22 of the Professional League, had moments of very good football and also some hot stage, like the one starred by Carlos Benavídez and Agustín Almendra.

Benavídez, scorer of the goal that opened the scoring at Libertadores de América, and Almendra were face to face and then more players joined the discussion. Referee Pablo Echavarría decided to give the two midfielders a yellow card.

Independiente – Boca Discuss Almendra and Benavídez, both receive a yellow card


Independiente - Boca Discuss Almendra and Benavídez, both receive a yellow card

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