Boca stretches the title advantage with River

Boca raised one more glass. He beat Talleres in the final (on penalties) and was crowned champion of the Argentine Cup. “Christmas Eve is coming, Christmas is coming, for all the chickens, dad’s gift,” the fans and players of Xeneize proudly sang, dedicated to River, recent champion of the Professional League. And with this new consecration, in addition to the expense, Boca managed to get one more title ahead of River in number of Olympic laps, including amateurism.

Although, pay attention, because what El Millo has a chance to shorten Saturday 18, in the Champions Trophy.

Counting all the championships achieved, including those of amateurism (he reached no less than 12, between cups and lathes), Boca remains firm at the top, although one step further, in the table of title winners, with 71.

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Hand in hand with River comes spicy. With the last title in the Professional League, Gallardo and company They reached 68 championships: 50 in local tournaments and 18 international. And with the detail that a final with Colón is already assured for the next Saturday 18 in Santiago del Estero, and then I could discount it and return to two of Boca.

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The fight between the heavyweights by titles is permanent. Certain titles are more relevant than others, that the Libertadores weigh more, that a superclassic final is difficult to beat. But everyone wants to add, call it Suruga or Copa Master. Boca was able to take advantage of the chance to win the second most important tournament at the local level … Then River, in a few days, will have those glasses that add more to the showcases than from the conceptual. In this table, anything goes.

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Total titles.

Total titles.

Table of local titles.

Table of local titles.

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