Boca took another step back before the final of the Argentine Cup and endangered his arrival in the Libertadores

The afternoon melts in Sarandí and Boca misses the train again. It is not about the formation of the Rock that looms on the horizon. The qualification for the Libertadores, the one he could achieve at the Julio Humberto Grondona stadium, escapes him in ninety disposable minutes. It is one of the worst matches of the Sebastián Battaglia cycle. Arsenal, the team with the weakest production of the season, dominates it during a second half in which it does not measure up. Inconnected, loaded with unforced errors, saved by Agustín Rossi and without kicking the goal. A bitter cocktail just four days before the final of the Argentine Cup, one of the last ways to enter the maximum continental tournament. The farewell to the fans, camouflaged under the label of “neutrals”, is much more than a claim. In Santiago, “whatever it takes”, they expect a victory against Talleres.

There are situations that are difficult to explain. After two wins in a row (Aldosivi and Sarmiento), Battaglia made 9 changes! to visit Independiente. Twice he modified the team against Newell’s; on Sunday, when it was not possible to play due to the storm, and on Tuesday, the day in which he finally faced the Rosario. This Saturday, he just made a variant, 35 minutes into the complement: Eduardo Salvio for Juan Ramírez, scorer of the goal. Later, he supported footballers on the pitch who were crying out for his departure, as in the case of Sebastián Villa or Rodrigo Montes. And if he did not end up losing, it was the result of the failures that Arsenal had in the definition. He did not know how to take advantage of the collapse of Marcos Rojo and Carlos Izquierdoz, who ended up giving away incredible balls.

By the very nature of his squad, it was suspected that Boca would be superior to Arsenal. However, with the exception of the imbalance of his wings, Luis Advíncula on the right and Frank Fabra on the left, there was not a footballer who broke the mold. Not even Edwin Cardona, beyond his participation in the beginning of the play that led to the scream of Ramírez.

Boca was a set of scattered wills. He had a shortage of offensive variants, was slow in the transfer and with little change of pace. If the Peruvian and the Colombian were not projected, Alejandro Medina was not tickled in his area. There were difficulties in the elaboration of part of the xeneizes, it is clear. Also, a bold scheme for Arsenal that conspired against their creative possibilities. Of course, it did not seem so much merit of the 4-4-2 that Darío Espínola established and the strategy of waiting grouped to go out in reply with some of his two center-forwards, Lucas Albertengo and Bruno Sepúlveda, left to their fate. There was greater responsibility of this illustrious visitor who did not find a good circuit.

Sebastián Villa did not explode, Ramírez did not gravitate – until the goal – and Luis Vázquez had to go back to the middle of the field to try to connect. Quite an indication that his teammates were not articulating a fluid game. His clearest approach had been through a free kick taken by Cardona and headed by Carlos Izquierdoz. The ball brushed the crossbar.

Until at the end of the initial stage, Fabra played a wall with Cardona, the side lowered it in the area and Vázquez put a cue for the arrival of Ramírez, who shook with a scoring right hand.

The local fans asked “everyone leaves” and that claim touched Arsenal’s pride. Because in the second half he advanced his lines. The wingers had the greatest influence, especially Emiliano Papa. At the age of 39, he won the duel against the kid Montes and put crossed balls for Albertengo and Sepúlveda.

Leonel Picco shook from the right and covered Rossi. Albertengo could not define alone. There were two errors at the start, by Rojo, Izquierdoz and Montes, but Arsenal couldn’t beat Rossi. Until Espínola reached into the bank. And Alejo Antilef was key in the tie play. From a side kick came Sepúlveda’s goal. Izquierdoz could not hold out against Albertengo, the ball drifted to the newly entered and the assistance for the scorer arrived.

The end found Rossi solid again. And a Boca full of doubts. Scored 2 of the last 9 in play. And his future, for more glory that is at stake, does not seem encouraging.

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