Body neutrality, the new social movement that advocate Jameela Jamil and Taylor Swift goes beyond the body positive


Beyond the body positive and its celebration of the body, there is another movement that also seeks to make visible the real bodies but has a nuance quite different.

The neutral body do not seek or celebrate or stigmatize the body, but to see it as something neutral. Accepting our body as it is, without forcing us to love him. And so say goodbye to expectations.

It is not always possible to make the jump from the dissatisfaction to the celebration, and the pressure to do so may be too heavy. Thus is born the “body neutrality”, a mid-term reassuring that you have defended celebrities as Taylor Swift and Jameela Jamil (who has a account of Instagram where the supports).

Four models of large sizes speak of gordofobia:

After years of negativity and body years of positivity body, the calm of this neutral state looks very appetizing, a relief. The body neutrality he rose to fame when the personal trainer Anne Poirier began to use it in their programs in 2017 and part of the premise that we will never be completely satisfied with our appearance.

The dictatorship of positivism can be counterproductive.

The body positive it came as an alternative of self-love by addressing the complex and was very well received since its inception back in 1990. Since then we have lived through a phase liberating, thanks to the the brands have introduced campaigns more inclusive and people have felt able to celebrate their bodies. This movement has done a wonderful task in upgrading its standards of beauty. But as has been pointed out by some studies, the dictatorship of positivism can be counterproductive.

If you repeat every day that you love your body and one day is not like that, your subconscious will reject this feeling causándote discomfort. And even, as has been pointed out by some specialists, hurting your mental health (stress, anxiety, depression).

The society continues to receive impacts on what should be the ideal body what makes it not so easy to get to self-love. The neutral body is to emphasize the importance of feeling well beyond the look good starting from the premise that it is normal that there will be moments in which we are most critical of ourselves (Autumn Whitefield-Madrano, author of Face Value: The Hidden Ways Beauty Shapes Women’s Lives).

The importance of learning to practice self-love

As explains the journalist Marisa Meltzer in The Cut, one of the first media to coin the term, this trend-neutral recommended not to think about the body when it comes to self-esteem and focus on the accomplishments and health above all. “The body positive puts the focus on the body and with the body neutrality goes a step further, leaving aside the body image. Is a more practical approach”. (Anuschka Rees, author of Beyond Beautiful, a book that treats the subject of neutrality body).

This mid-point that is the body neutrality it could be a very helpful reminder to break from the “good or bad” and provides a space to work in value to ourselves, which in the end is what is important.

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