Bodyshaming: No let up in attack to Ariel Winter by your physique | Fashion and Beauty


Ariel Winter has returned to be the center of all the teasing for a top that you wore over the weekend in a summer spectacle. A top that let see the actress already feels comfortable in his skin after you have had a breast reduction a little over a year, with only 17 years. After is sincere in Glamour magazine about a operation very painful that people saw it as a frivolity. The actress had not attained the age of majority and had a bra size that caused him back pain and made it difficult to find clothes in your size.

And everything after that the internet had already ruled that the actress, who had seen him grow up on television as the youngest daughter of the Dunphy in Modern Family, was fat. A girl in full hormonal change that I was still a child, was fat. The reality was rather more complicated than all that and Ariel, with a reaction that reminded her of the intelligence of your character, not was quiet.

After that time, so unfortunate the interpreter continued going to festivals and various events are always at the center of the target of the ‘haters‘more assets on the network. The last time, at the end of last week, turned his thoughts in a statement posted on his account Instagram. It asks, please, to stop the hatred that so many times we see on the internet because if. Without more reason than the fact that a public person is exposed to people considered to have absolute freedom to express opinions, the majority of the time in a negative way, on your body, your clothes or your hairstyle.

Exactly the actress said this: “Every time someone is harassing me online, it gives me the opportunity to highlight to my fans, and even to me, the important thing is to accept oneself. Those who say those things so hard in my Instagram, thank you for this opportunity; but what I ask every time I read comments mean is that if this is the way in which you talk to a stranger online, I can only imagine how cruel you are to yourself. No more hatred. Accept who you are and know that your imperfections are what make you perfect. I love my fans and I love my critics because what you need is love”.

Whether or not it is true, the case of Ariel Winter it is only an example of the impunity with which internet users launch messages cruel on people. Public, yes, but people. The ‘bodyshaming‘(to try to embarrass someone for their physical) is the order of the day as if we were still in a school playground. Increasingly, the campaigns of major brands of beauty inclusive with all types of physical and increasingly we can see the difference, but the online stalking (whatever the reason) has to stop. Hooray for Ariel!