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Back to work as a model and testament to the beautiful Georgina Rodriguez, who continues the love idyll with her Cristiano Ronaldo.

Despite some rumors to the contrary and negative, Georgina Rodriguez still very romantically associated with Cristiano Ronaldo. The famous couple who unite the worlds of football and fashion are not at all in crisis, which they themselves confirm and also see in their social media profiles.

Georgina Rodriguez returns to work like this (Ansa) –

georginasince CR7 accepted the offer to play for Al-Nassr, he followed his partner to Saudi Arabialeading a Nabob lifestyle. A transmission that does not seem to weigh at all the Argentine model and influencer who is also a very good mother of the family.

Ronaldo, Georgina and family indulged in a pleasant summer holiday filled with sun and relaxation in the most exotic seas and on board yacht belongs to the famous Portuguese footballer. A very relaxing period for the influencer, who, however, testified to her in recent days. back to work and to everyday life.

Georgina is always in crazy shape: a selfie highlights her A side

So Georgina Rodriguez he must say goodbye to the family vacation period and return to work. Presumably the Argentinean model is being called into question, as celebrity endorsement some fashion brand that she co-created and image-maker, given the beauty and elegance that she is a healthy bearer of.

In one of the last stories posted on her Instagram profile, Rodriguez shot herself selfie on top, which emphasizes his crazy and intact physical form. Partner Ronaldo appeared in a revealing fuchsia dress, which emphasized her pomp and pomp. side A.

Georgina Rodriguez took a very hot selfie (Instagram) –

Wide neckline is one of the strengths georginawhat concerns curves can make anyone jealous. For this reason, she is considered one of the most sensual and sought-after women on social media, so much so that she often appears as a reviewer for brands of clothing, lingerie, jewelry, and cosmetics.

With a social account from Ben 50 million subscribersGeorgina Rodriguez is one of the most recognized influencers in the world, also thanks to her long relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo. The idyll between them has been going on for some time now, but in the last few weeks a very special indiscretion has surfaced: CR7 would have signed a contract a few years ago that provides for a concession georgina from check monthly in the amount of 100 thousand euros in the event of separation between them.

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