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Bolivar will put all the meat on the grill this Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. at the Hernando Siles Stadium when he faces Alley in the Copa Libertadores quarter-final first leg Gary Port International.
The Light Blues arrive in this game after an away win over Atlético Paraná, while their opponents field favorites River Plate, with both games decided on penalties.
Both Bolivar and Inter showed enough merit to prove themselves at this decisive stage of the international competition, first showing the football of the national team, with suffocating pressure and quite powerful football.
Benet San Jose has an aggressive line-up both at home and away, which is why tomorrow is not expected to be any different, with the stadium packed with azure fans who were on fire from the whistle. Start supporting. In addition, more goals will need to be scored in the week after Porto Alegre set the key.
To that end, expect the academy to look for differences from the opening minute, with Francisco da Costa, Bruno Savio and Ronnie Fernandez forming the coup de grace.
Fernandez was in the church, received another yellow card and lost the second leg.
Yesterday morning, the team conducted training at Ananta Manor, and today they will also finish training at the same time, concentrating on preparing for the game that ends in the afternoon.
Brazil lost 1-0 despite retaining their main force against Fortaleza on Saturday.
They trained yesterday at the High Performance Center in Porto Alegre and will arrive in Santa Cruz this afternoon, from where they will travel to La Paz before noon on Tuesday.
Inter coach Eduardo “Chacho” Cude admitted that defensive measures would be used to stop Bolivar, citing the altitude issue as an excuse that the game would not be played in La Paz under normal circumstances.
The expectations in La Paz were so high that President Bolivar tweeted in the last few hours his desire for the game now: “I can’t wait to meet you in Siles! This Tuesday Bolivar Over 25,000 tickets sold + 8,000 season tickets for Vars vs. Inter Milan. South Bend only 5,000 tickets left. Our house is dyed red by Paradise!
Benat San Jose’s Light Blues will face Inter Milan for the first time in the Copa Libertadores, but they do face opponents from Porto Alegre in this game: Gremio, with whom they happened Collided four times and managed to beat them once, the other three teams were Gremio and Gremio. Fall into La Paz.

At Hernando Siles you have to attack constantly and the idea is to finish games with clean sheets to find a good goal difference.Nicolas Ferreira


08/01 2023 Bolivar 3-1 Atletico Paraná
04/05/2023 Bolivar 3-1 Palmeiras
October 16, 2020 Bolivar 1-2 Palmeiras
2014/03/19 Bolivar 1-0 Flamengo
2013/01/30 Bolivar 4-3 Sao Paulo
2012/04/26 Bolivar 2-1 Santos
2005/02/16 Bolivar 4-3 Santos
2003/04/10 Bolivar 1-0 Gremio
2002/03/12 Bolivar 5-5 Parana Atlético
2000/03/22 Bolivar 4-0 Atletico Mineiro
May 3, 1995 Bolivar 1-0 Palmeiras
1992/03/28 Bolivar 1-1 Crisciuma
1992/03/20 Bolivar 1-1 Sao Paulo
1983/04/08 Bolivar 3-1 Flamengo
March 25, 1983 Bolivar 1-2 Gremio
Bolivar has never received an international

Brazil barely had a win, but that was in Cochabamba.

2021/04/21 Always ready for 2-0 international match
2015/02/18 The strongest 3-1 international match
2012/03/21 The strongest 1-1 international match
03/16/2011 Wilstermann 1-4 International
(Data: Elvin Quespe Pekka)

possible eleven
Carlos Lampe
Diego Bejarano
Brian Bentabury
Nicolas Ferreira
Jose Sagredo
Gabriel Villamil
Lionel Justiano
Bruno Savio
Patrick Rodriguez
Ronnie Fernandez
Francisco da Costa
DT: Bennett San Jose

Argentine Dario Herrera has been appointed by CONMEBOL to referee the first leg in La Paz.

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