Bolivia withdraws its ambassador to Paraguay, declared “persona no grata” after a controversial video on TikTok


Nov 4, 2021 02:46 GMT

Mario Cronembold Aponte shared a video last week, in which he wanted to replicate the pronunciation of the country’s residents in a ceremony of taking tereré, a typical Paraguayan infusion.

The Bolivian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Wednesday its decision to dismiss its ambassador to Paraguay, Mario Cronembold Aponte, due to a “diplomatic inconvenience” that generated controversy and led to his being declared a person unwelcome by the Paraguayan Chamber of Deputies.

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The Bolivian Foreign Ministry notified that Cronembold was dismissed from his duties this Monday, November 1, 2021 and highlighted in a statement that “the incident that occurred does not affect diplomatic relations between the Plurinational State of Bolivia and the Republic of Paraguay, which are currently in his highest level. “

Cronembold, who was accredited as the new Bolivian ambassador in Asunción on September 28, last week shared a video on TikTok on the occasion of his arrival in Paraguay, in which he wanted to replicate the pronunciation of the country’s residents in a ceremony of taking of tereré, a typical Paraguayan infusion.

As a result, it came under heavy criticism. The Chamber of Deputies of Paraguay declared him “persona non grata” for denigrating the cultural values ​​of the nation in which he came to work, reports EFE.

In turn, Cronembold apologized to those who “felt offended” by the video, and explained that he wanted to refer to the good reception he felt from Paraguayans upon his arrival in the country.

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