Boloni and the white who beat Eusebio and Figo… Cristiano Ronaldo


His name is Laszlo Boloni and was the man who made his debut for Cristiano Ronaldo in the professionalism.

Even, when it still was in full ascent in his career, he has committed the audacity to compare it with Eusebio and Luis Figo.

I was going to overcome!, said Boloni, and in the end it was wrong.

The Romanian, 67 years of age, analyzed the beginnings of CR7 in football with Sporting Lisbon, on a note with Mark.

Initially Christian went from playing 9 to leave for the far right, but why? What explains Boloni in the interview.

The words of the discoverer of Cristiano Ronaldo

“With the youth playing as number 9, but I decided to put it far right because he was young, slight, would weigh 60 kilos”, said the coach.

“I was going to be very difficult for him to play back to back and measured power of 100 kilos”.

“In the band, with speed and fantastic dribbling is going to be much more efficient,” he stressed.

On the comparison with Eusebio and Figo, Boloni said that he did so conscious of the quality of Cristiano Ronaldo.

“For me it was not a surprise. I did not know that was going to be one of the best in history, but that, without injuries, would be a very good player,” he said.

“By that time I was asked by a Christian in an interview and I said I was going to beat Figo and… get up-to-Eusebio!”.

“Those phrases, I created a problem because they are two gods in Portugal, and compare it to a young man with two gods…”.

“Ronaldo, however, has shown that he was right”.

Between Cristiano and Leo Messi, Boloni is maintained with the Portuguese, but recognizing that the two have been huge players.

“I can’t be objective, Ronaldo will always be my boy.”

“In any case, we are all fortunate to have enjoyed during the last 10-15 years, two monuments that always tried to be overcome”.