Bolsonaro denied the lethal danger of the Ómicron variant and said that the variant is “welcome” to Brazil

This Wednesday, the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, He once again sowed doubts about vaccination against Covid-19, affirmed that the Omicron variant “is welcome” because it can mean herd immunity and the end of the pandemic and distorted data by stating that this new wave is not causing deaths.

He did so by lashing out at the quarantine policy adopted by governors and mayors of his country during 2020 and 2021, to whom he blamed the 10.6 percent increase in inflation last year, the highest price advance in six years in Brazil.

The «Ómicron» variant has a very low lethality and they say that it can even be a vaccination virus. Serious people not linked to pharmaceutical companies say that Ómicron is welcome and can signal the end of the pandemic,” Bolsonaro said in an interview with the Gazeta Brasil site.

The president said that the new variant “has not killed anyone”, misrepresenting the information of the health system, which is daily reporting deaths at a time when Ómicron is the dominant variant in Brazil, according to the Ministry of Health itself.

Just hours later, the executive director of the WHO, Michael Ryan, refuted the president’s claims from Switzerland.

“No virus that kills people is welcome, especially if the death and suffering are preventable. This is not the time to give up, to declare that this is a welcome virus,” Ryan said, according to the ANSA agency.

The official warned that “there are many people who are in intensive care rooms with ventilators, needing oxygen, who would say that this is not a mild ailment.”

In Brazil, several hospitals are overwhelmed with Covid-19 cases, and most of those hospitalized in intensive care are unvaccinated people, according to information from the state health secretariats.

Hospitals are overwhelmed with cases of Covid-19, and most of those hospitalized in intensive care are unvaccinated people, according to information from the state health secretaries.

“Perhaps we have reached herd immunization and I did not get vaccinated,” said Bolsonaro, who sowed doubts about the vaccines that his own government buys against Covid-19.

In a nod to Brazilian anti-vaccine deniers, Bolsonaro said he ordered Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga to collect cases of negative reactions to the vaccine to show parents before sending their children to health posts to receive doses.

“There are people who die of other things and say they died of Covid,” said the president, who was criminally denounced by a Senate investigative commission for crimes against humanity and charlatanism for his multiple false statements about the disease since the beginning of the pandemic.

The far-right opposed the vaccination authorized by the National Health Surveillance Agency for children between the ages of 5 and 11, which should begin this month, and once again said “that no child has died” of Covid-19.

Corrected by the interviewer, who pointed out that more than 300 children of that age had died, Bolsonaro insisted: “Let’s assume that these numbers are true… is vaccination justified?”

The president also confirmed his candidacy for re-election and said that he will be present in all the campaign debates for the October elections, for which he appears as the favorite in the polls to defeat opposition leader and former presidential candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (2003-2010), of the Workers’ Party.

It is that in 2018 the popularity of the former Army captain rose while he did not attend the debates because he had suffered a knife attack when he did not exceed 20% of voting intentions.

He also shot two Supreme Court judges, Luis Barroso and Alexandre de Moraes, who are investigating him for being part of an illegal network for the dissemination of false news that threatens the electoral system and the Constitution.

“Who do these two think they are? Democratic freedoms, freedom of expression cease and they act like this because they have a candidate. They both want Lula president,” said Bolsonaro, raising his tone against the Federal Supreme Court, something he had not done since September 7, when he promised not to carry out the sentences but later had to back down after a mediation conversation with former president Michel Temer.

Barroso came to court at the suggestion of Dilma Rousseff, of the PT, but he is one of Sérgio Moro’s defenders in the high court, to the point that he voted not to annul the sentences against Lula in Operation Lava Jato because he did not consider the former judge and former Bolsonarista minister as partial.

De Moraes was affiliated with the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB) of former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso and was Temer’s Minister of Justice, who appointed him to the Supreme Court.

The 2022 Grammy Awards were canceled due to the Omicron variant

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Omicron variant

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