Bond girl. Died actress Tanya Roberts

Died actress Tanya Roberts (Photo: @ realtanyaroberts / Instagram)

At the age of 65, an American actress who was remembered for her role as James Bond’s girlfriend in A View to Murder and the TV series Charlie’s Angels died.

Tanya Roberts passed away on Sunday, January 3rd. Her death is not related to the Covid-19 pandemic. On Christmas Eve, December 24, the actress went for a walk with her dog and suffered a stroke. She was admitted to the Cedar-Sinar Medical Center in Los Angeles, where she died a week and a half later, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Roberts’ career began in the modeling and advertising business, and in 1975 she starred in a movie for the first time in the horror film by Jim Sotos The Last Victim. She also played several roles in films that have become cult over time. These are the comedy The Racket ( 1979), the fantastic epic Beast Mastery ( 1982), and the female version of the Tarzan story – Sheena: Queen of the Jungle ( 1984).

But the most famous role of Tanya Roberts in the movie was the role of the Bond girl of the American geologist Stacy Sutton in the 14th film about the adventures of agent 007 A View to Murder ( 1985). The role of James Bond in it was last played by Roger Moore.