book the Starter Pack from GameStop, you’ll get the block Super Mushroom!


Does GameStop Italy open the pre-orders of the Starter Pack of LEGO Super Mario with a bonus: all those who make the pre-order will receive a free exclusive lock? Super Mushroom, only available until stocks last.

With this base Path LEGO Super Mario you will be able to find out how LEGO Mario acts in real life. Build your first level and help Mario collect the coins! Runs on the platform… but be careful not to fall! Fly between the clouds and collect extra coins and a Superstar with the Block ?. Jump on the Goomba and hit Bowser Junior on the back to get coins. Challenge your friends and, at the end of the game, rebuild all to create new challenges!

Book LEGO Super Mario Starter Pack from GameStop to 59.98 euro not only will you ensure the availability of the product at launch (planned release for the first of August) but you will also receive the exclusive Lock? Super Mushroomthis will be delivered the day of the release, the offer is valid until the day previous to the exit, the booking of the product.

Undoubtedly a nice opportunity to get an extra bonus for the Starter Pack of LEGO Super Mario the ideal package to begin to explore the new LEGO universe dedicated to the video game character most known and loved for always.

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