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Hercule Poirot Returns in Murder in Venice Trailer in Italian

If you’re into detective stories, you can’t help but read – or haven’t read – the Queen’s books. murder mystery Agatha ChristieBelgian detective creator Hercule Poirot and a beautiful blue-eyed old woman Miss Marple.

The characters are so extraordinary that they became the main characters of films and TV shows. But what are the best detective books by Agatha Christie – Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie, Lady Mallowan (Torquay, Devon, 1890 – Winterbrook, 1976) – starring Detective Poirot and Miss Marple?

Here is a list of the most famous and beautiful books by Agatha Christie. The ones you should definitely read. We also advise you in what order to read them.

Books and films by Agatha Christie

Photograph from And Then There Were None, a 1939 television adaptation of Agatha Christie’s book from which films, TV series, and plays have been adapted. Yellow has also inspired comics and video games (photo by Ansa).

What order to read the books of Agatha Christie

A tip is to start with mysteries based on the main characters (Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, Tommy and Tuppence, a married couple of detectives) and year of publication. In 1916 Christie publishes Poirot at Stiles Court, the first romance with Hercule Poirot: a detective, a former Belgian police officer, took refuge in England due to the German invasion of the country during the Great War. Her neighbor is killed. Poirot uses his investigative skills, with the help of his friend Arthur Hastings, to solve a crime.

Straightaway: Help, Poirot!in which a detective travels to France to protect his client who is threatened by a dangerous stranger; Hercule Poirot investigateseleven short stories in which the detective solves cases involving greed, jealousy and revenge; Murder of Roger Ackroyd, which tells about the search for the murderer of a noble citizen of Kings Abbot, who was stabbed to death with a Tunisian dagger. We can continue with the most famous ones such as Murder on the Orient ExpressFinally The Curtain – Poirot’s Last Adventurewhere the investigator, wheelchair-bound with arthritis, returns to Stiles Court, the site of his first case, marred by a new crime.

Books by Agatha Christie with Hercule Poirot

Agatha Christie’s novels with Hercule Poirot are the most exciting, as the investigations of a private investigator with the most iconic mustache in literature show wit and sensitivity. His extravagant questions, which always baffle police commissioners and suspects, eventually lead him to brilliant conclusions. Among 44 titles, here are 5 best books and 5 detective stories that you should definitely read.

Chills on the most famous train in the world

1934 The Orient Express Killer

The Orient Express train from Istanbul to Paris is blocked by snow. A monstrous crime is revealed on board, and Hercule Poirot is among the passengers, who is entrusted with the investigation. The detective, after conducting a series of interrogations on the passengers of the car, will discover that they all had connections with the dead person’s family, and that the wrong directions and the presence of so much evidence are an attempt to confuse and mislead the investigation. Poirot will solve the case, but not before he is faced with a sensational surprise. Murder on the Orient Express (Mondadori, p. 225, €12.50), from which various film versions are taken.

Better than Scotland Yard

1935 hell series

Poirot sees further than anyone else, especially the police, who either wander in the dark but can’t find the culprit. IN hell series (Mondadori, p. 244, €12) A detective reveals his concerns to his friend Arthur Hastings about an anonymous letter he received, signed by ABC, reporting a crime in the city of Andover. The investigator reports this to Scotland Yard. Shortly thereafter, an elderly tobacconist named Alice Asher is found murdered. A month later, another murder occurs in Bexhill-on-Sea, the victim of which is a young waitress, Betty Barnard. The third letter identifies Churston as the scene of the crime, and the tragedy repeats itself. Poirot organizes a team of amateur detectives from relatives of the victims. While in Portrait of Elsa Greer (Mondadori, p. 182, €8.50) Sixteen years after a woman was found guilty of killing her husband, his daughter Mary Lemarchand accuses Poirot of reopening the case. The investigator plunges headlong into the investigation, but soon realizes that the case is more complicated than he expected.

Dangerous Holidays

1941 Bodies in the sun

Hercule Poirot never manages to take a vacation because his presence seems to attract crime. IN Bodies in the sun (Mondadori, p. 196, €10) When he was a guest at the Jolly Roger Hotel on Smugglers’ Island in the Mediterranean, the former actress Arlene is found strangled on the beach. Suspects include a cheating husband, a neglected stepdaughter, a handsome man, and a lackluster wife who has been removed from the case. The police can’t handle it, and Poirot is forced to make his “little gray cells” work. Cornwall, where the detective is vacationing with his trusty assistant Arthur Hastings, is instead the setting. Unnamed danger (Oscar Mondadori, p. 249, 12 euros). Here, charming Nicky Buckley, the young owner of End House, an impressive and decadent mansion on the Cape, talks about how she saved herself from three fatal accidents in a few days and how she was lucky because it was a matter of mere coincidences. Poirot is not convinced…

Books by Agatha Christie with Miss Marple

Miss Jane Marple, or simply Miss Marple, is an elderly woman who often finds herself implicated in murder cases, which she manages to solve thanks to her cunning and powers of observation. Present in 14 novels and 20 short stories by Agatha Christie, who created a character inspired by her old aunt. First novel starring Miss Marple. Death in the villagefollowed by Miss Marple and the Thirteen Trouble AND There’s a body in the library And last Goodbye Miss Marple. The cases that the shrewd, seemingly absent-minded old woman uncovers take place in the village of St. Mary Meade where she lives, whose inhabitants are often a source of inspiration for her thoughts. Miss Marple is an avid ornithologist, knits and gardens, bakes cakes. But one of her favorite things to do is to drink tea with friends, almost all of them are lonely like her.

More work by Agatha Christie

Crime Queen has created an exorbitant literary output. Thanks to her characters such as Poirot and Miss Marple, according to the UNESCO Translation Index, she is the most translated English writer in the history of publishing, second only to William Shakespeare. However, we must not forget about a pair of amateur detectives Tommy and his wife Tuppence, the main characters of four spy stories, such as: secret enemy, Fifth column AND I feel my thumbs itching: Their adventures span the period from the end of World War I to the Cold War period of the 1960s.

Finally, six romance novels written under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott, desert heart To The fate of others. From some of her novels, Agatha Christie created theatrical works, for example: Ten blacks1943 and Mousetrap1952, the only example of a comedy that has been performed continuously every day since its debut.

Movies and series based on the books of Agatha Christie

It is impossible not to mention films based on books by Agatha Christie. How Murder on the Orient Express which had many film versions: the first was filmed in 1974 by director Sidney Lumet, where Poirot Albert Finney and other translators Sean Connery, Ingrid Bergman, Anthony Perkins AND Vanessa Redgrave. In 2017, a new version was released, staged and interpreted Kenneth Branagh, delightful Poirot with a blond mustache. Passengers in the first class car of the blue and gold train, all suspects, Johnny Depp, Penelope CruzWillem Dafoe Judi DenchMichelle Pfeiffer.

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Poirot instead it is the legendary British television series that we still see on our screens today: 13 seasons, 70 episodes in total, where Hercule Poirot has always been interpreted in an extraordinary way David Suchet. Many films have been made based on the novels of Miss Marple: from Murder on the train To Snapshot of the crime. But the most famous of all remains the British television series (from 2004 to 2013). Miss Marple (Marple Agatha Christie) as Miss Jane Marple, the first actress Geraldine McEwan and then Julia Mackenzie.


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