Boosie Badazz says that Nicki Minaj showed “lack of character” when collaborating with 6ix9ine


Boosie Badazz is disappointed with Nicki Minaj, saying that she has a “lack of character” and questioning whether she has a heart.

Boosie Badazz is one of the most sincere men in the music industry. He always has something to say, which is why his interviews are so enjoyable to watch. Apparently, one of the things – or people, rather – than pissed him off last year was Nicki Minaj.

Launching yet another interview with Boosie, VladTV got the legendary rapper to talk about his views on Nicki Minaj after his collaboration “TROLLZ” with Tekashi 6ix9ine. As you would expect from his previous comments about the colored-haired rapper, he was not proud of Nicki for deciding to work with Tekashi.

“It shows a lack of character,” Boosie said of Nicki working with Tekashi. “It shows that you would sell yourself for money and success. That’s how I see it. She doesn’t have to do this. She is as rich as hell. I feel like she shit in the ghetto community, in all the African-American people, she knows what I’m talking about, she said ‘fuck it’. ”

At the beginning of the interview, Boosie says that he met Nicki while she was still with Meek Mill. However, he doesn’t know her well enough to form an opinion on her. From the song, Boosie had the feeling that she was from the “ghetto”, but that changed her opinion.

“This girl may not have a heart. She may not have a heart for what this guy did to people, ”said Boosie. “She may not be what I’m thinking, because if he did this to me and gave me a million years, would she still make a track with him? […] This had to be a career change. It may not be that street mine I was thinking about.