Borderlands, we finally have a release date for the movie!

Borderlands movie coming out next yearGearbox’s acclaimed first-person space western series: in fact, we even have a firm date August 9 (at least in the US). Unfortunately, the film’s official account hasn’t shared any other details other than the image you can see below. The film has been in the works for some time, with the first drafts dated back to 2015.

At the moment, nothing specific about the production is not yet known. The 3D video game series has always been characterized by a particular art style, the end effect of which is very reminiscent of the cel shading technique (think of the movie Blurred, for example), but it actually uses an algorithm called Sobel operator; who knows if the movie will offer a similar style applied to real footage or if a more traditional approach will be taken. The previous photos from the set, always from the official account, are not decisive in solving the mystery, but it is worth repeating them just for the sake of completeness:

Eli Roth will direct, best known in the horror/splatter world (particularly in Hostel and House Fever) and for playing Donnie “The Bear Jew” Donowitz in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds. Instead, the cast will include the likes of Kevin Hart, Cate Blanchett, Jack Black (voicing Claptrap!), Jamie Lee Curtis, Ariana Greenblatt (Barbie, Awakening) and Florian Munteanu (Shan-Chi, Creed II and Creed III).

The screenplay was originally written by Roth himself and Craig Mazin, known for his central role in the creation of such sensational series as “Chernobyl” and “The Last of Us” for HBO. However, there were some signs of problems in production: in the meantime, Mazin’s script (which was already the third attempt: Aaron Berg and Oren Uziel tried first) was rejected in favor of a new script written by Jewel Taylor and Tony Rettenmaier. , and then filming even ended over two years ago, in June 2021, but the following year, two weeks of reshoots were scheduled for some scenes, no longer directed by Roth, but by Tim Miller. However, Roth gave his consent and said that he could not be there due to pre-existing obligations.

At this stage were made further changes to the script Zak Olkiewicz, who had not previously participated in the project. As a result, several new writers have been named, in addition to Taylor, Rettenmayer and Olkiewicz, Aaron Berg, Oren Uziel, Chris Bremner, and Samuel “Sam” Levinson, whose role has not yet been fully explored. Throughout this, Craig Mazin removed his name from the project, opting instead to use the pseudonym Joe Crombie.

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