Boris Grachevsky, the artistic director of Yeralash, dies

Boris Grachevsky (Photo: boris_grachevsky_ / instagram)

Boris Grachevsky, the artistic director of the Russian children’s magazine Yeralash, died at the age of 71 from coronavirus.

This was announced by the chairman of the Public Council of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the Russian Federation Borukh Gorin, reports RBC.

According to him, the cause of death was the coronavirus.

The information was also confirmed by Grachevsky’s wife Ekaterina Belotserkovskaya.

Grachevsky contracted the coronavirus on December 21. A week later he was taken to the hospital. Later, Grachevsky’s wife said that he was in a consistently serious condition and that he was transferred to intensive care.

More than 3 million cases of coronavirus have been officially confirmed in Russia, more than 60 thousand have died.