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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson gave UFC fighter Temba Gorimbo a surprise after learning his story. The video of the touching meeting was watched by millions of people.

Dwayne Johnsonknown to all as ‘Rock’, not only an outstanding athlete and actor, but also a person with a huge heart. 51-year-old Californian flew via US to Miami to surprise UFC fighter Temba Gorimbo in his mixed martial arts gym, having learned his personal story and was greatly inspired by it. Both, in fact, were penniless before they could surface: despite this, Gorimbo used his first income to buy a pump to extract water and send it to the village of his birth in Zimbabwe.

Despite being very busy with his many cases, Rock justified what he set out to do: he wanted to meet this man in person, look him in the eye, hug him and shake his hand. Emotionally share their experience, but also help them. “I will contact you brother“, – he wrote on June 10 last year. The promise was kept a few hours ago and documented in a video that has racked up millions of views.

The story began when Gorimbo made his UFC debut earlier this year but was defeated by unanimous decision. However, he did not give up and in May he won his first victory in the most famous MMA organization, defeating the Japanese Takashi Sato.

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The 32-year-old African wrestler said he had only $7 in his account before this victory and slept on the couch in the gym., and then auctioned off the kit that was in the fight for $7,000. Money that Gorimbo did not use to buy things for himself, although he needed it, but sent it to his native village in Zimbabwe in the form of a pump so that he could have clean water.

Gorimbo’s personal history is marked by more than one tragedy: the death of his mother at the age of nine and the death of his father four years later led him down a dark path, where he was arrested by the police at age 16. Then came redemption through sports, and Rock realized that by spending his name, he could not only help the wrestler, but also spread his story to set an example for many.

After all, Johnson himself had economic difficulties in the years leading up to his signing with the WWE and his explosion as a planetary star. “I also had 7 dollars in the bill“, – he wrote in a touching post. And that’s why he is so attached to Gorimbo: he also knew the darkness before success and wanted to immortalize the moment of their meeting, to demonstrate how strong willpower is and how to help other worthy people achieve their goals.

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