Bought a ranch for 8.5 million

Gisele Bündchen wants to expand her net worth and acquire New real estate gem. She already owns a mansion that meets all the requirements of an international model, but she cannot live in a 30-square-meter apartment. She has two children, Benjamin Rein and Vivi, with whom she spent 13 years together after splitting from husband Tom Brady Vivian Lake, after splitting from her husband Tom Brady, went to great lengths to find a new home.The search ends and Spectacular home worth €8.5 millionits premise is that its rooms have all the luxuries that won’t fit any pocket.

it’s about a Incredible ranch located in Florida, specifically in the Southwest Ranches of Broward County. It’s worth noting that the mansion where Gisele Bündchen chose to live with her children is very close to the land where Tom Brady built his own home. The work is not yet complete, but the fact that the former couple decided to base their new life so close together shows there is enough good faith between them to ensure the best interests of their children. The model hopes her children can enjoy their dad as long as her schedule he gave up on choosing another location, although perhaps the luxury around him would keep him from thinking too much about what he would be giving up.

so, Gisele Bündchen becomes a familiar face neighbor People from the entertainment, sports or business world, such as actor Dwayne Johnson, American football players Devin Hurst and Brandon Marshall or Udonis basketball player Johnel Haslem. They all owned ranches in this elite area of ​​Florida, but perhaps none as spectacular as the ranch that now stands out among this model’s real estate holdings. In this residence the mother would live together with her two children and possibly household employees. Nine bedrooms and their corresponding nine bathrooms. Enough for everyone to occupy their own space, and without the usual squabbles that come with having to share a few square meters of space. The privilege of the few.

In addition, among comfort and wonder The model will enjoy her new home, one of the highlights Very spacious and bright living room with fireplace, it will be sweet for the family when they want to meet somewhere at home to share good times. They would sit on the most eye-catching white sofa in the room.And the house is very luxuriously decorated Latest trends in interior designdesigning furniture in the purest minimalist style, taking care of every detail.

But if the interior of the mansion is unique, then the parts that include the exterior also enjoy this consideration.The house is built on a plot of land More than 30,000 square meters, offering endless possibilities for outdoor enjoyment.Therefore, it has an impressive Swimming pool, tennis and football pitches, and own farm Raising animals is one of the passions of Gisele Bündchen and her children, who will be in direct contact with nature on their ranch without giving up their multi-million dollar location and The comfort of a mansion.

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