Box Office Italia, Barbie is unstoppable! Margot Robbie movie ready to break incredible record

barbie mania which has infected the world, does not make discounts even in Italy. Greta Gerwig film Confirmed Summer rental phenomenon and does his weekend July 27-30also preparing to break an incredible record.

With another €5,431,001 raised in the last four days and an excellent tenure (he only lost 30% from last week), Barbie AND its total amount is EUR 18,153,546 are currently on rental second best result in 2023. Super Mario Bros. – MovieTo be more precise, the film that currently dominates this year’s ratings consists of just one gluing: Margot Robbie AND Ryan Gosling enough for reach 20.3 million and make the 2023 entry your own.

The numbers are in line with what is happening in the rest of the world: in the United States, the famous Barbenheimer phenomenon continues to deliver huge results into its second weekend, when Barbie grossed another 93 million and Oppenheimer Christopher Nolan another 42.2 million Total, the pinkest film in history exceeded 750 million worldwide and the milestone of one billion no longer seems like an impossible task.

Returning to the Italian box office, for Barbie and at a safe distance we find again Mission: Impossible – Paying for Death – Part One. movie with Tom Cruise on its third weekend, it collects €533,693 and brings the total to €4 million. Also third place for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Doom: another 240,285 euros, averaging 935 euros and a total revenue of 5.7 million.

Among the novelties of the week, we note crazy dad With Robert DeNiro from 110,312 euros; re-release of Studio Ghibli production title castle in the sky from 94,743 euros; finally italian horror Have you ever been afraid? director Amber Principalityable to raise 62,042 euros.

In general, thanks Barbie figures for Italian cinemas are more than positive: 7,288,513 euros at the box office for 981,929 visits. Compared to the week before, it is -26%, but the comparison with the past is incredible: +537% compared to the same weekend in 2022 and +166% before Covid.

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