Boxer and martial arts master: Messi’s mysterious bodyguard charges 3 million to be his shadow


An expert in martial arts and boxing, he is a shadow of the Argentinian star and his Miami family. He makes three million dollars a year.

Yassine Cheuko was confronted by an enthusiastic Messi fan during a match.
Yassine Cheuko was confronted by an enthusiastic Messi fan during a match.Getty Images
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Everything is moving so fast these days that the news that a drug gang was threatening Messi’s wife’s family and the player himself seems to be ten years ago, when in fact it only goes back six months. Messi, probably one of the ten most famous people on the planet, I started a new life in Miami A few weeks ago, there was no inconvenience in life like this, Major League Soccer Franchise (MLS) Call Yassin Choko.

It’s impossible to see Messi without seeing Chuco.He ran alongside him on the touchline on the football pitch, intercepting effectively and sometimes There was a certain cruelty towards the fans who ran to greet the Argentines.controlling the desires of fans Selfie Together with the football star, there were even previous visits to restaurants and bars frequented by Messi’s family. Cheuko, a man with an impressive physique, Boxing and martial arts expertbut most importantly it is a The security team is about 50 people.

Not only is that team in charge of Chuco’s obsessed Messi; Very special attention to Antonella RoccuzzoPlayers’ wives, as well as Mateo, Thiago and Ciro The couple has three children.

No one in Miami wants anything untoward to happen to Messi and his family, and former Real Madrid player and now David Beckham knows that all too well. The visible face of the pink shirt franchise The world champion will take part in the competition after retiring from Paris Saint-Germain.

Inter Miami’s luck changes after arrival of Argentinian: From being at the bottom of the Major League Soccer (MLS) rankings, to being unbeaten in more than ten consecutive games and even winning the first championship (League Cup).

“David Beckham, knows how big the market is Messimana, “The decision was made to protect his star by providing him with a bodyguard capable of entering the playing field if necessary,” he stressed. miami diaryalthough this is only part of the story.

“A strong man does not make a good fighter, nor does he make a good boxer. “A strong person can only control himself when he is angry.”: This sentence begins with Introduction to Chuco On Instagram, his number of followers has increased from 20,000 to nearly 200,000 since he worked to protect Messi.

Messi is revolutionizing Major League Soccer and turn football into something cool for him star system Americans, have this audience The Kardashians Owen Wilson or Serena Williams, they don’t miss a beat.

What is not entirely clear is that U.S. and Argentinian media have described Cheuko as a “Ex-Navy SEAL with experience in Afghanistan and Iraq”something from an English newspaper daily mail deny

“Current and former members of the elite force told daily mail No one they knew had heard of him, and His name does not appear in a database of SEAL veterans They have access. Cheuko and Inter Miami did not respond to requests for comment, so it remains a mystery where the wrestler-turned-bouncer’s claims came from. Signal“The newspaper pointed out. “A navy spokesman said that no records of Yassin Chuko could be found,” the British media added.

Chuco is the shadow of Messi both on and off the court.
Chuco is the shadow of Messi both on and off the court.Getty Images

Another piece of unconfirmed information that has spread rapidly through internet sites is that Cheuko charges $3 million per year for her work, i.e. $250,000 per month.This data is published by an organization influential peoplenor has it been confirmed (or denied) by the club or the Messi family.

What people know about Cheuko is that he is Mixed martial arts enthusiast (MMA), and he spent much of the period from 2020 to 2022, during the pandemic Professional training camp in Thailandso he is an expert.

More is known about the life of Messi’s 35-year-old bodyguard. He came to Inter Milan on the instructions of Jorge Mas, club owner and Son of Jorge Mas Canosafor decades great leader of cuban exile in miami. Messi is well protected, but it’s not entirely clear who and what the protector is.

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