Boy is victim of joke about Lionel Messi’s alleged death

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Mexico City. – Jokes can happen at any time of the day, but when they involve someone you admire, things get tricky. This is the case of a boy whose parents decided to play a joke on him and tell him that Lionel Messi had died.

The prank video was shared via the TikTok platform, allowing internet users to observe the children’s touching reactions.

The recording in question shows the boy playing football in the living room. At that moment, his sister seemed to decide to share the news, capturing the little boy’s surprised reaction.

“Messi died at the age of 36,” said the young woman who recorded the video.

The child’s mother knew it was a joke and decided to attend her daughter’s performance, saying she also saw the news online.

“If this is true, yes I read the note, too,” the mother commented.

The boy named Sebastian was startled when he heard the news and was silent for a few seconds, digesting the depressing news he had just heard.

The camera continues to record the boy as his sister and mother begin to talk about what happened.

Before the video ends, the child begins to cry and the mother jokingly asks him why he is crying if he is not his father.

“If it wasn’t your dad, why are you crying?” Sebastian’s mother said.

The video has become very popular on the TikTok platform, with more than 3.8 million views and more than 5,000 comments so far. Seeing the reaction of the minors, most netizens were moved.


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