Boyfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio Don Vittoria Ceretti? Here are the hints

The paparazzi caught them together more than once, but the direct participants do not confirm or deny the gossip.

love life Leonardo DiCaprio perhaps one of the busiest in Hollywood, and even those who closely follow gossip about the 48-year-old actor struggle to keep track of the many real or perceived acquaintances that have been attributed to him over the years, not least that , with supermodel Gigi Hadid, which has never been confirmed or denied by the direct participants. However, for several weeks now there have been rumors that DiCaprio is dating. other modelthis time of Italian origin: Victoria Cheretti.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Vittoria Ceretti together?

The gossip started going crazy at the end of May when Leonardo DiCaprio and Vittoria CerettiBorn in 1998, there were paparazzi in France in the days when she was presented at the Cannes Film Festival. Flower Moon AssassinsMartin Scorsese’s new film, in which DiCaprio is one of the main characters along with Robert De Niro and Brendan Fraser.

New photos from California.

Two days ago, on August 22, the alleged new couple was caught off guard in front of an ice cream parlor in Santa Barbara, California, and it was enough to drive the gossip crazy, even if the immediate participants didn’t confirm or deny this time. However, compared to the meeting documented in May, something has changed in the personal life of the model from Brescia: two months ago, the 25-year-old girl made an official statement on TikTok. end of her marriage to Matteo MilleriThe Italian-New York DJ secretly married in Ibiza in June 2020.

He is officially single, given that the story with Gigi Hadid was never confirmed, and she is officially single: this was enough for the American press to jump to conclusions, even if in general there was no trace of an intimate relationship between them. two in pictures stolen by the paparazzi.

Former girlfriends of Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio has been linked with models Gisele Bündchen and Bar Refaeli for many years, and his last official relationship dates back to last year, when the story with actress and model Camila Morrone ended in 2017.

Vittoria Ceretti, from the catwalk in San Remo

Vittoria Ceretti, previously linked to rapper Tony Effe of the Dark Polo Gang, is also one of the most popular Italian supermodels in the world today. His debut dates back to 2014 for Dolce & Gabbana, and since then his career has never stopped: he walked and posed for some of the most important brands in the world, from Marc Jacobs to Roberto Cavalli, from Valentino to Dior, passing through Louis Vuitton, YSL and Givenchy. Given the international success of Vittoria Ceretti, in 2021 Amadeus wanted her to perform on the Ariston stage as co-host of the third night of the 71st Sanremo Festival, which also featured Mathilde De Angelis, Elodie, Barbara, Palombelli and Beatriz in rotation. Venezi.

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