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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston would have seen each other in secret | Angelina Jolie – People – Culture

Perhaps, the phrase ‘Where there was fire, ashes remain’ is one of the most suitable to describe what they are experiencing these days Jeniffer Aniston and Brad Pitt.

This is due to a recent publication of the specialized medium ‘Star Magazine’.

According to ‘Star Magazine’, the actor and actress have once again relived ‘the flame of passion’ with alleged love affairs that have taken place in Aniston’s mansion, located in the luxurious neighborhood of Bel-Air, in the city ​​of Los Angeles.

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But not everything looks rosy for this pair, because in the quoted article of the medium a source close to the actress assures that “Brad is afraid to tell his ex-wife (Angelina Jolie) what is happening because she could turn his life into a misery”.

The truth is that rumors about the possible ‘romantic retreading’ between Pitt and Aniston, who, in January 2005, divorced (after a 5-year marriage) due to an alleged infidelity of the actor.

Time brought them back together

Since his separation from Aniston, Pitt was in a relationship with Angelina Jolie for 12 years (10 dating and 2 marriage) while Aniston shared 9 years (7 of boyfriends and 2 of marriage) of her life with Justin Theroux.

In the case of the actor, just two years after marrying (2014) with Jolie, he announced his divorce.

With the ‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider’ star, Pitt has a legal battle over custody of five of the six children product of the relationship. (Maddox, the eldest son of the ex-partner, is 19 years old and can now decide who he wants to stay with.)

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had a 12-year relationship (10 boyfriends and 2 married).

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On the other shore is Aniston, whose marriage to actor Justin Theroux also lasted two years and left no offspring.

Pitt and Aniston had been managing their love life discreetly until their reunion, in January 2020, during the SAG Awards ceremony.

Before this reunion, the actor had been photographed in the company of Nicole Poturalski, a Polish model, sharing a few days of vacation in the south of France. Aniston, for her part, hadn’t been officially involved with anyone since her divorce from Theroux.

Last year, although it wasn’t the best for the entertainment industry, yes left a reunion that reignited rumors of romance between Pitt and Aniston.

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During the 2020 awards season, before the COVID-19 pandemic reached the vast majority of countries in the world, fate would have Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt meet again at an awards gala.

In this case, the appointment was at the SAG Awards, when everyone witnessed the greeting and photos taken by the two celebrities.

(Can you read us from the EL TIEMPO app? here you can see the post).

That would not be the last time they would see each other during that year.

In mid-September they met again, but this time virtually, to read the script of a play for a charitable cause with other celebrities such as Morgan Freeman, Julia Roberts and Matthew McConauhey.

(Can you read us from the EL TIEMPO app? here you can see the post).

Finally, last november, Aniston posted an instagram ‘story’ with her pet, named Dean.

At the time it was nothing to write home about, however, what caught the attention of his fans was that in the back of the image you could see a man reclining. Many identified him as Brad Pitt.

Nothing has been confirmed about it yet.

Jennifer Aniston Instagram

This was the post uploaded by Aniston. The person in the background, for many, is Pitt.

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However, although there is a certain nuance of complicity between Pitt and Aniston, other media assure that the actress would be dating Jason sudeikis, American actor who recently won a Golden Globe for his performance in the series ‘Ted Lasso’.

Only time will confirm if Bratt and Jennifer will get back together.


Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: Helen@oicanadian.com Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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