Brad Pitt director reveals secrets of Formula 1 film

Autosprint will publish in its next issue, on newsstands Tuesday, September 12th. Exclusive interview with Joseph Kosinski, director of the Apple Studios-financed F.1 film., with the support of promoter Liberty Media. The interview will take up six pages in Mario Donnini’s Cuore da Corsa column. Kosinski himself on this occasion reveals part of the plot and secrets of the film.

Here’s the start of the conversation, where we discover a lot of very interesting details about the highly anticipated film, which is still in development.

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No CGI, Kosinski’s F.1 will be real.

Kosinski, in addition to being a director, you are also a teaching assistant in architecture, specializing in 3D and graphic modeling. Simply put, he is a computer graphics genius., or the ability to recreate any special effects scene in the laboratory with virtually no restrictions. At the same time, why does he behave exactly the opposite and contrary to his abilities, filming as many scenes from life as possible, on racing fields, will actually take part with his imaginary team in a significant part of the 2023 World Cup?

“For a very simple and real reason. Why Formula 1 is such a specific and complex environment that it is almost impossible to reproduce in the laboratory.. There is no point in reconstructing the Circus in a studio or on a computer. Yes, it’s true, if you want, everything can be simulated, but if I really want to convey the emotion, the euphoria, the feeling of the Formula 1 environment, I have to be at the center of it., breathe and allow the viewer to breathe in the scene and climate. If you want to reproduce races with absolute accuracy, you must accept the challenge and penetrate their habitat. Because of this we are not reproducing the Grand Prix, no: we are moving inside the Grand Prix. This is the idea of ​​the film and also its most beautiful feature, thanks to the wonderful collaboration of Liberty Media and Stefano Domenicali.”

What’s your starting point? She does it start from scratch or culturally take into account the milestones of racing cinema?

We are directing “Apex” taking into account “Le Mans” and “Grand Prix”

“My cinematic inspiration takes into account the tradition and history of cinema as it relates to motor racing. Obviously I’m moving with that in mind it’s already there and I put the movie “Le Mans” with Steve McQueen on top and the Porsche 917K as the absolute protagonists, they are so iconic. But at the same time, I put John Frankenheimer’s Grand Prix at exactly the same level.because he knows how to masterfully draw some classic and epic Formula 1, which at the same time is damn dangerous and exciting.”

If he had arranged a shootout between these two films, which he will become his favoriteor at least the most important one for you?

I prefer to keep them ideally at the same level, because each has its place in film history and, albeit for different reasons, none takes precedence over the other. They are different and both important and necessary…”.

You can read and enjoy the full interview inside next issue of Autosprint.

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