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Brad Pitt does not lift his head: Angelina Jolie, prepared to accuse him of mistreatment – Carlos Pérez Gimeno

Brad Pitt He is going through one of the worst moments of his life due to his delicate state of health. The Web Page Six showed some images of the actor very deteriorated and with a thinness that draws powerfully attention, leaving a medical center in Los Angeles, in a wheelchair, in the company of a member of your security. However, this past Sunday she delivered the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress at the gala that took place in Los Angeles.

The artist tried by all means to go unnoticed, but he could not do it despite hiding his face with some black sunglasses, mask and a hood. But it was impossible to avoid the photos. It seems that all this has been because the actor has had to remove one of the wisdom teeth.

And for judgment, the one he has with his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, and custody of their 6 children. Brad asks for the shared one, while the actress refuses outright and says she wants it just for herself. A divorce, which, without a doubt, is becoming one of the longest and most expensive in Hollywood.

The handsome actors have been 4 years of hard confrontations in the courts and the end of this fight, at the moment he has no indication of seeing the end. It appears that they have each spent more than a million dollars in legal costs, and have not yet reached an agreement on how to divide their assets.

Angelina Jolie goes for it all, and apparently she is willing to include in the trial the testimony of her children evidence of physical abuse towards them. Pitt is devastated when he does not see his children who, as always happens, are the most affected. Angelina prepares evidence of domestic violence against her former husband. A real pitched battle.

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