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Brad Pitt fights to once again be the majority shareholder of Château Miraval

After five years of fighting for the custody of their children, the divorce process does not seem to be coming to an end. The reason for the latest litigation has been the fabulous residence in French Provence, the Château Miraval, where the ex-partner owns vineyards and a farm valued at 140 million euros and where they were married in August 2014, in a wedding published exclusively in the world. by the magazine ¡HOLA! When we believed that the ex-partner had reached an agreement to lift the restraining orders thatthat prevented one of the parties from making financial decisions about its properties During the separation process, a new demand from the interpreter of Once upon a time in … Hollywood adds a new obstacle to this conflict.


According to what was published by Entertainment tonight, This first agreement allowed the ex-partner to sell the possessions they acquired during their marriage, which apparently opened the door for Angelina to divest the shares of 50% of her winery and her French estate, Chateau Miraval, as planned. The star of Eternals, Maleficent or Those who unleash my death She had previously accused her ex-husband of blocking the sale of the vineyards and demanded that the judge annul that order. According to sources cited in PageSix as part of that agreement Angelina and Brad agreed to ask each other’s permission if they ever wanted to sell their shares, and they were obliged to offer it to the other as the first option. Apparently, the reason for the discord is that Jolie would have tried to sell her half to a third party, without counting on her ex-husband for this management.

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However, Pitt’s new lawsuit could put a damper on Jolie’s claims. The interpreter of Damn bastards has filed a lawsuit accusing his ex-wife of a “vindictive” plan to sell his shares, circumventing his right of first refusal and benefit from the “incredible amount of work, time and money” invested by the actor in business, according to legal documents obtained by DailyMail.com.


Chateau Miraval is valued at 140 million euros. Originally, when the ex-partner bought the shares of Quimicum, the company that owns the Chateau Miraval, in 2008, Pitt and his company, Mondo Bongo, had a 60/40 majority stake in Jolie and his company, Nouvel. Apparently that majority balanced when Mondo Bongo transferred 10% to Nouvel, according to the lawsuit, for the symbolic figure of 1 euro in 2013, a year before their wedding and three years before Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt. The new lawsuit filed by the actor’s lawyers seeks that this 10% transfer be annulled, in a movement to restore its majority of 60/40 shares in equity, on the grounds that the price of 1 euro is not an amount “serious” as required by Luxembourg law. The legal team of Pitt also alleges that Jolie attempted to sell his shares without giving him the right of first refusal. and benefited from the “incredible amount of work, time and money” invested by Pitt and his business partners in growing the brand. If he wins the lawsuit, Pitt would be the largest shareholder and, therefore, decisions about the Château Miraval would ultimately depend on him.

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