Brad Pitt gets more ‘grumpy’ over the years

Brad Pitt credit: Bang Showbiz

Brad Pitt credit: Bang Showbiz

Over the decades, actor Brad Pitt has progressively cast aside the provocative styles and haircuts that so defined his public image in the late 1990s and early 2000s to embrace a much more practical approach to it. that fashion is concerned. In fact, in his last talk with Esquire magazine, the 57-year-old interpreter has revealed that, today, the need to feel “comfortable” in what he is wearing is the key factor in his choice of clothing.

“As you get older, you get more grumpy and what really prevails in these things is comfort. The truth is that I like monochromatic, I like simplicity, but not to the point that it becomes a uniform, “said the Hollywood star in his interview, before qualifying his statements to underline his particular taste for seams. “I love the details of the seams, how good they make you feel. I think that’s the only whim I give myself these days,” he said.

The Oscar-winning artist, who is still immersed in a tough battle in the courts with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie on account of the custody of his six children, still vividly remembers one of his frustrated childhood dreams, the one that could have turned him, if he had turned out well, in a “rock star” in the purest style of his colleague Johnny Depp, who combines his acting work with his belonging to a gothic rock band.

“I sing pretty badly, so I’m not a karaoke man. When I was little I had this fantasy of being a rock star, but I couldn’t sing or play any instruments. So I had to dedicate myself to the closest thing there was at that time”, has joked about his particular foray into the movie scene.


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